Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mint Green or Rosy Pink? (Or Butter Yellow?)

So I've recently lost some weight (blah blah, stress, blah blah blah...), more than is usual for me. And while those extra pounds are likely only temporarily missing, in the meantime it had become extremely annoying to be constantly hiking my slipping jeans back up, or wearing a belt (of which I am not very fond).

So, when my book royalty money came in and I'd allotted the necessary amount to bills, doctor co-pays, and kid swimming lessons, I treated myself and not only purchased, on a desperate Target run, the cheapo (but so awesome!) red skinnies:

love, love, love these; proof that you don't have to spend a lot to look stylish.

....but I also ordered myself a pair of colored skinny cords from the Lands' End Canvas line (read: J. Crew-ish) -- with a 40% off plus free shipping promo, natch! (I never order full price.) Rather, I ordered two, because I need to decide on color and then ship the others back. A girl's gotta be clothed, right?

My cords haven't arrived yet, so I can't model them for you myself, but below are the two color choices: Mint green (which they call "Light Cypress," but it is so a mint green) and rosy pink (which they call "Washed Watermelon"). You should know that I have wanted pink cords or other pink skinnies for a very long time, but had never seen any in a tame enough pink (no fuchsia pants for me, thank you, though I guess one should never say never), and that initially I only ordered the mint greens because the pinks were sold out in all feasible sizes for me. (In other words, already leaning toward the pink.) But then the next day the smaller pinks were back in stock, so I added them to my order just to compare.

It is VERY annoying, but the Lands' End website does not allow the transfer of any large images of apparel from their site. You can only get the tiny shots. So I realize these photos are amusingly small. But give me your initial reaction: Mint green or pink? What do you think, friends and fellow moms? You may have to squint:

images courtesy

I'll be sure and let you know what they look like in real life when they arrive, and if they fit (they're going to be longer on me than they are on this model, for sure, but I usually tuck into boots anyway). I have to admit it's kind of fun to consider trendily-colored pants. Why not inject a little whimsy into the usual wardrobe of dark-wash jeans; boots, mocs, or flats; tees; and trench coats--i.e., preppy but sometimes a bit boring? They likely won't be in style forever, but that's what the 40% off is for!

Weigh in! Green? Pink? Holler at me. 

[A late addition: I'm also considering a pair of light yellows from Old Navy (see below), who have the BEST fitting stretchy skinny pants, but who are also out of stock in pink and whose other colors aren't the greatest. I have a great deal for these, and can get them for a whopping $14.50 (that's WITH shipping, holla!), but their sizing is wildly unpredictable and one just never knows with them. But for trendy pants that may fit only temporarily due to weight fluctuation, this may be the most easily justifiable purchase.]

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tricia*kushman*anderson said...

I vote PINK! But if you can justify ALL of them then go for it! : )

Shannon said...

Update: no one other than Tricia is commenting here, but over on FB most everyone voted for pink, although the green and the yellow also got a shout-out from at least one person each. My mother is unable to comment here, but she votes green. And some of my twitter and FB followers advise I'd better just keep all three. ;)