Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Last Week of December

I must admit it's been kind of a bummer to be sick over my kids' entire Christmas vacation (other than Christmas Eve Day). And by "kind of," I mean, "a big, fat."

My saving grace has been that Christopher took the entire week as vacation from work, so there has been a parent available to take the kidlets skating, sledding, to friends' houses, down the street to play on the giant snowbank formed when our homeowners' association's snowplow service cleared our street, and to the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul (later today).

And while it may seem luxurious to be at home in pajamas lying around reading and napping for days on end while someone else takes care of the kids, frankly it's my idea of a nightmare. I'd much, MUCH rather be out with my family doing all these fun things and making all these memories than sick at home. Not to mention running, sleeping well, completing the normal necessary household tasks, and not feeling rotten all the time. Plus, we had to postpone our New Year's-weekend trip up north. Boo.

BUT! No one wants to hear me complain about being sick. I get that. Besides, it's winter in Minnesota: tons of people I know are sick. It's not exactly a unique situation to be in.

So let's talk a bit about a few highlights of Christmas vacation instead.

Julia decided, almost on the spur of the moment, to get her hair cut all the way up to the length of her growing-out bangs, rather than just a trim, thus giving her a sudden chin-length bob. It looks completely adorable (actually much cuter than this already-cute photo, to tell you the truth), but it was a real mind-spin for me. The day before, she was running around the house in two blonde braids. But hallelujah!--no more pinning back of the growing-out bangs! We worked on those for 1-1/2 years, people!

I got my bright-pink parka, and it is super-warm and very cheery. Please excuse my pale and less-than-pretty appearance in this sickly photo. I just wanted you to see the parka. It's brighter and cheerier in real life. My phone takes horrible pictures and I no longer own a working camera.

Genevieve's book review of Stuart Little went up at the bookshop downtown, so we went to see it. She refused to let me take her picture in front of it, and the children's corner where it was posted was dim, so it's a poor photo, but still.

I'm constantly apologizing for poor-quality photos on this blog, aren't I? I'm too lazy and uninterested to work on bettering my photography skills or my camera-equipment situation. Sorry.

And then yesterday, despite my cold and because we were almost out of both toilet paper and contact solution, I ventured into After-Christmas Land, a.k.a. Target, where I happened upon this delightful buy:

Four metal-and-enamel Christmas napkin rings, two saying "JOY" and two saying "PEACE," for 98 cents each. The kicker is that we really needed Christmas napkin rings. Four of them, too. For reals! How cute will these be next December?? So cute.

I'm going to wish you a Happy New Year early, today. Tomorrow night we will be attending a HUGE annual family New Year's party that a dear friend of mine and her family host every year at our town's gymnastics club. They rent out the place and the kids run around the gym and we all eat a giant potluck dinner and then count down to "midnight" at 7 p.m., so the littles can all go home to bed at a reasonable hour. I plan to rest up all day today and tomorrow so as to be well by the time this party begins. I would not miss it for the world.

So: Happy New Year, friends! I so appreciate you. I hope your holidays were wonderful. I hope you are healthy and well. Give someone you love a hug at midnight tomorrow, and I'll see you in 2013.

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