Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Wonderland

baking Christmas cookies

The last week of school before Christmas vacation is waning. Today we attended Julia's class's "Winter Sing"; tomorrow is Genevieve's. While I watched my daughter and the other 8-year-olds sing holiday carols and play xylophones this morning, I worked very, very hard not to think about the children from Sandy Hook. I was in the front row, and I knew that Julia would see me if I cried, and wonder what was wrong.

I held it together.

Tomorrow may be more difficult; Genevieve and her classmates are six and seven--first grade, the same age as the children killed one week ago. The thought still fills me with bottomless sadness.

But perhaps we should focus, now, on happier things. My first-grader, she of the crazy-genius IQ and the middle-school reading level, was asked to join a group of 4th-graders who are doing a special project with the school's reading specialist. They are each writing an original book review of a favorite chapter book, then the reviews are being typed up and posted at our town's independent bookstore (the same place I have done two book readings for my own work, by the way). So, to recap: a group of 4th-graders, and my 6-year-old. She chose Stuart Little, and wrote her review last Saturday. Over holiday break, her "homework" is to go downtown to see her posted review at the shop. I am one proud mama.

In other news, we are having our second blizzard, which is really good because most of our snow from the big snowstorm two weekends ago had melted. We haven't gotten too much snow, but three inches is something. Mainly the wind is whipping across the prairie and farm fields like a wildfire. The snow is swirling and drifting. It is pretty, and timely. Tomorrow is the first day of winter.

And, lastly, the vast majority of you voted for the pink cords. On Facebook, via e-mail, and on twitter, you made your preferences known, and pink won out by a landslide. I am in total agreement. The mint green will go back, and I'm still waiting on the smaller size of the pale yellows. If those fit I may keep those as well, seeing as I got them for not much more than the price of a movie ticket.

After tomorrow, my babies will be home with me for over a week. We will be baking, sledding, delivering treats to friends and neighbors, eating Christmas cookies and drinking hot chocolate, listening to carols, wrapping presents (and opening presents!), watching movies, doing art projects, and gearing up for a drive north through the snow for New Year's. (Actually the weekend before New Year's, but we are calling it for New Year's.)

And, of course, remembering how lucky we are to have one another in our sight, in our arms, under our roof, together.

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