Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A Day in the Life

Because I took two weeks off from exercise when I had a virus over Christmas, I have been slowly working my way back up to a normal length run, and yesterday I reached my normal mileage for a weekday workout. Then after school the girls wanted to go back to the pond to skate. This time no one else showed up, but we skated laps for a solid hour before going home for dinner. Earlier in the day I had been prepping the master bathroom for the painting I'm going to do this winter--standing on a ladder and blue-taping the ceiling and woodwork and whatnot. So, to recap: 2-1/2 hours of skating laps around the pond within the past 24 hours. Running six miles. Paintwork prep.

Yeah, I was pretty much one giant sore muscle by bedtime. But boy did I sleep well last night. There's nothing like physical exertion to send you into that deep, solid, drugged sleep that feels so good and restorative.

I love running, I love skating, I hate painting. But it's good to have a project, too, you know? Although the other project I'm interested in this winter--learning to bake my own homemade wheat bread--sounds like a lot more fun than painting the bathroom.

Today I go to the girls' school for some volunteer work. I'll do more painting prep, make some BBQ pulled chicken in the slow cooker for dinner, take the girls sledding at the big hill by the school in the afternoon. A good, respectable day. And "Nashville" is back on tonight, holla! I'm a total dork over that show. Love it. Too bad I cannot stay up late enough to watch it when it airs, and end up having to watch it online the next day. Considering the fact that the show is on at nine p.m., ending at ten, which is a perfectly reasonable time to expect an ADULT to be awake, I'm even more of a dork. Ha! Oh well. We all have our quirks, and I've been falling asleep before ten o'clock since college (at least), so I guess that's (one of) mine.

What about you? Do you have a dorky (or not dorky) TV show you hate to miss? Why? I like "Nashville" for the music (yes really!), the drama, and because I adore Connie Britton. I mean, her hair alone is plenty of reason to tune in.

Have a wonderful winter day, friends.


tricia*kushman*anderson said...

I've been on work out hiatus for a bit now (consider the myriad of reasons why....) and this week I'm back at it. Jillian and running on the treadmill. Today I was kind to myself and did P90X stretching for 60 minutes. Man did that feel good! It was like pure medicine for my aching body! Not to mention all the other things Moms do during the day that could technically qualify as exercise! I won't even make a list. YOU GET IT! YOU DO IT! YOU LIVE IT! We are kindred souls! : ) xo

Shannon said...

@Tricia: Indeed we are, and what a blessing to have kindred souls in this world. :)