Friday, January 04, 2013

Do You Resolve?

Are you a New Year's resolution person? I'm typically not. I don't smoke, I exercise regularly, I eat tons of vegetables, so the typical resolutions are out. Not that we can't all improve ourselves, of course; it's not as if I wouldn't benefit from any behavior changes.

Sometimes I sort of halfheartedly promise to reduce my intake of processed foods. I make virtually all our meals from scratch using healthy foods, but I love my Diet Coke, readily snack on boxed or bagged foods, and drink those ready-made "weight-loss-" or "protein shakes" on the recommendation of a dermatologist because of my hair loss history (NOT for weight loss purposes, obviously--I'm definitely not trying to lose weight at present--but because they're an easy way to get a convenient and quick extra shot of major protein and much faster than making my own all the time; I'm sorry, but sometimes you just need something fast and easy, processed food or not).

I also use things like jarred pasta sauce--when I've used up my frozen homemade sauce from farm-share tomatoes--, deli sandwich meat, pre-made broth or bouillon, bottled BBQ sauce, etc. But I don't really stick with the "fewer processed foods" resolution, I think because I'm never fully committed to begin with. I think I consider my diet healthy enough as it is (although reducing or eliminating sugar would certainly be a good idea--I'm sure by now you've read Robert Lustig?).

But a lot of people's main New Year's resolution is to be more active. This is a great goal, but not always easy when you're a busy mom and/or you live in a cold climate and/or it's winter. Even so, you'd be amazed at how little things can really add up to extra activity. I really learned this in September, when I started using a pedometer to track my daily steps on days I didn't run. Back then, I easily hit 10,000 steps a day pretty much all the time, but now that it's winter and I'm not going for walks all the time or running around in the yard with my daughters, it's much more of a challenge. But it's not impossible.

Over on my professional website, I'm blogging about some easy ways to sneak extra steps into your daily life, even if you're a busy mom. Head on over there to read a few tips on moving more, and you can keep your resolution to be more active in 2013.

And I'll be over here trying to wean myself off Diet Coke.

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