Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ho-Humming Along

So, painting the bathroom isn't going all that well. Specifically, I taped most of one wall on Tuesday and then had to stop because a.) I couldn't reach the rest of the wall because it was over the tub and the stepstool/ladder didn't reach that far OR fit in the tub for me to reach it that way, and b.) this obstacle seemed like a convenient excuse to stop and take a break. Which lasted the rest of the day. In my defense, I was crazy-busy on Tuesday and this was just one small part of my day.

I had big plans to tape more yesterday, but after cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, cooking, and volunteering--with plans to take my kiddos sledding after school still to come--I felt like I'd worked hard enough for one day.

However, my unstoppable friend Kathy happens to be painting the playroom in her house at this same time, and since she's a total dynamo, she's practically done even though the room she is painting is much bigger than the one I am supposed to be painting but haven't even taped yet. This makes me look really bad, so I'd better get going. Good grief. It's hard having young friends. They have so much more energy than I do.

I took the kids to the big hill by the school to sled after school, and it was perfect. The wind had calmed down, a bunch of mom friends and their kids were there too, and the littles sledded until the sun sank behind the trees across the field. It wasn't cold at all--maybe 30 degrees--and no one had any major meltdowns on the hill. Success in my book. (The minor meltdowns don't even count for us experienced moms.)

We've been busy this week. Skating or sledding every day after school, and plans to go run around at an Open Gym thing for elementary-schoolers at the downtown Armory this afternoon, because it's supposed to rain. RAIN. In January. What the...? That is just crazy. At any rate, I'm glad we'll have somewhere to go to burn off some energy today, if we can't skate or sled or play in the backyard in the rain.

Sorry for these ho-hum posts this week. Sometimes life just hums along and it's busy and engaging but doesn't make for good copy for anyone else to read. Thanks for hanging in with me, anyway.

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