Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Think He Would Bring Flowers and Send Valentines.

So the other day Genevieve and a little pal were having a playdate at our house, and they decided to draw pictures of their "pretend boyfriends." (Wha....? They're six and seven years old. Genevieve's a total tomboy who has never even mentioned the slightest thing about boyfriends--or girlfriends for that matter. I have zero idea where this idea even came from, but it sure was funny.)

They even gave their "pretend boyfriends" names. Genevieve's friend's boy picture was named Austin. Genevieve named hers Jake. (To my knowledge, there is no real-life Austin or Jake on which these drawings were modeled.)

As my friend Laura said, don't you just love his dazzling smile? Note also the track pants. Jake is sporty.

I believe his skin is orange because we lack a skin-colored marker---not because he's been putting in a bit too much time at the tanning salon.

Seriously, if I met someone that bright-eyed and dazzling-smiled (perfect teeth, too, you all!), with his arms thrown out in joy or enthusiasm, I'd probably want him for my boyfriend too.

The orange skin might give me pause, however.

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Mary S. said...

This a total day brightener! Love the smile.