Monday, January 07, 2013

Ladies Who (Don't) Lunch (Very Often)

Regular readers here know that I love using running as a mood regulator, and also that summer makes me far happier than winter. As a psychologist, I fully believe in the power of exercise to successfully moderate mood and reduce feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, and irritability--research supports it, and I've seen it work in the lives of my clients. And I experience it myself, of course, all the time. Not long ago, I was interviewed by Katy Read of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune about the "winter blues," lightbox therapy, and exercise as a tool for fighting seasonal mood changes. You can read the full article here.

In other news, today I am going out for lunch with some fellow stay-at-home mom friends (we're actually meeting another friend who just started a new, part-time job after 8 years home full-time with her children and gets off work around lunchtime) for the first time since my youngest started full-day school. OK, I know that was only four months ago, but still. You'd think I would have run out that very first week and met some other stay-at-home moms of school-agers for lunch right away. I mean, hello! For the past 8-1/2 years, "going out for lunch," if it ever happened, meant taking the kiddos to the pool with a packed picnic! You cannot imagine the giddy excitement my friends and I are experiencing today. I hope I remember how to eat lunch at a restaurant, enjoying food I did not prepare and feeding only myself.

Have a good Monday, friends. Love to you.

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