Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paint Bathroom? Check.

You guys! I painted the entire master bathroom yesterday. Let me repeat that with appropriate emphasis: I PAINTED THE ENTIRE MASTER BATHROOM YESTERDAY.

I seriously can hardly believe it. Well, the fact that my arms and shoulders are so sore that I can hardly move them makes it much easier to believe that I did in fact paint an entire fairly large bathroom by myself in one day.

Let me just say: standing on the highest rung of a ladder with half that ladder standing inside the tub and half on the floor is NOT my most favorite sensation in the world. Same with doing that in the separate shower. You guys, I thought I was going to suffer an unfortunate accident.

Also: if you are a regular person and not a professional painter, you will not be able to paint behind the toilet. You just won't. You'll have to do your best to get as far in there as you can, and leave the rest. And the part around the above-mirror light fixture will be pretty dicey. You will have to hope no one looks very closely up there.

Several years ago, when my daughters were toddlers, I painted our guest bedroom by myself and it took something like five weeks. True, I did two coats that time, and there was a lot of furniture to move (by myself, you all), but I think the main difference is that my daughters were toddlers. You would not believe the difference it makes when your children no longer need you every ten minutes all day long.

The only other things I did yesterday were make vegetarian bean-and-sweet-potato chili in the slow cooker for dinner, and do a six-mile run. You know how I was saying yesterday morning that it had been so warm that it had been raining and all our snow had melted? Well, turns out that while it was warm on Friday, and yes, all the snow melted, yesterday was POLAR ICE CAP-COLD. I ended up running six miles in 25-mph winds with a 2-degree windchill. Um yeah, that was cold.

So what's on tap for today? Taking my girls to swimming lessons, nursing my sore muscles, drinking lots of coffee, and baking these. (Yum, right??)

Happy Sunday, dears!

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