Saturday, January 12, 2013

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Winter Hat

You guys. It rained yesterday. RAINED.

What kind of crazy state do I live in, anyway? Normal winter weather for sledding on Thursday, 40 degrees and rain on Friday? We woke up this morning to find that most of our snow is gone. Our hill out back is grass now; no one will be sledding back there for awhile.

Although under normal circumstances I might not mind such mild weather--I'm not a big fan of winter, remember, and it's far more pleasant to run outside in 40 degrees than in 5 degrees with a windchill of -10--but the truth is, it's hard on moms because the kids can't play outside in melt-y, drench-y rain. And then what do you do? Winter days but with no opportunities for skating, sledding, or building snowmen? The kids go stir crazy. Plus, for runners, this type of weather is dangerous. It gets wet and rainy, but then it freezes at night: the streets become instant ice rinks. Kind of dangerous. (For driving, too.)

So right now we badly need a big old-fashioned snowstorm to replenish our snow pack and cover the grass. Remember this?

(OMG, you all! Look at that little 3-year-old face! I'm crying now.)

My plan for today? Paint the master bath. It's all taped and prepped and I've got all my tools. I've got my slow-cooker dinner recipe chosen, so I don't have to be tied to the kitchen later on. If possible I'll take a break for a run at some point.

Let's just see how many times my kids come in to see what I'm doing, ask for a snack, or tell on each other's questionable behavior. Also how many times my hair gets in the paint.

Onward! I hope you have a good Saturday, friends--whether it involves paint, snow, or none of the above.

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