Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Lottery Prize of Days

Yesterday began with someone who hadn't known my age prior to reading the Star-Tribune article Facebooking me to say that she was shocked to learn I'm in my forties and that had she been asked, she would have guessed my age was around 35....and ended with a magical after-school skating session with my kidlets on our corner pond, which happened to also draw, unplanned, about five or six other families we know, and which lasted until darkness fell and one by one the moms called to their kids, "We have to go! Dinner and homework!" and everyone trudged up the snow-blanketed banks of the pond and slipped away under the brightening moon to walk or drive home for the night.

(And smack in the middle of the day, there was Thai food at a restaurant with three girlfriends!)

So, you know--one of the very best days.

I sincerely hope your heart is smiling as much as mine was yesterday. And still is, actually.

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