Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Home for my Heart

I don't know how you feel about Valentine's Day. I was pretty indifferent to it before having children. I mean...meh. That's sort of how I felt about Valentine's Day. Not bitter or anything (after all, I was married), just not that into it. After all, before we had kids we had plenty of time to go out to dinner and to the movies and plenty of money to buy chocolate and flowers any day of the year, so February 14th wasn't that exciting. Plus, it's so close to my birthday. By the 14th I'm usually full up on sugar and presents.

But having children changes all that, because by the time they're preschoolers, kids know what Valentine's Day is and they get really excited about valentine cards, heart-themed arts and crafts, pink sugar cookies, school parties, and another excuse to eat candy. Can you blame them? Plus, when you're a mom, you experience daily the unique kind of love that accompanies motherhood--the love for your babies--that's larger and more powerful than any love you've ever experienced before. And it's pretty much all-consuming. So a day dedicated to love, especially with excited kidlets in the house, seems kind of nice.

At least that's my take on it.

Speaking of love, I am super late to this party, but my goodness you all, do you know that beautiful love song "A Thousand Years," by Christina Perri? Unfortunately it's from the "Twilight" movie(s?) which is disturbing to me, but let's just ignore that for a moment.

I am hopelessly oblivious to most popular music (this is because I do not listen to popular music with my children around; I do not approve of most pop music lyrics for children's ears, so I have fallen far out of step), so the first time I heard this song was actually just the other week on "Glee." ("Glee" is how I find out about most popular songs, to tell you the truth.) And, I'm sorry, but I prefer the "Glee" version. Because I've watched the Christina Perri video, and I am just so not into Bella and Edward.

This song is gorgeous, though. I mean, come on: how many pop ballads do you know that are in waltz time? And, of course, while you can take it as a conventional romantic love song, what really grabs my heart is how it describes exactly how I feel about my children.

I've heard other mothers describe the moment of seeing their babies for the first time as one of deep recognition and culmination, as if they'd known all along, for years and years, that this baby was waiting to be theirs. As if everything in life had led to that moment of becoming a mother to that baby. ("Every breath, every hour has come to this... All along, I believed I would find you; time has brought your heart to me; I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more.")

I felt that way too, and still do. That's why I love this song.

So, whether you're celebrating with your honey or your babies, Happy Valentine's Day. There isn't just one kind of love, after all.

Click on the video below if you're prepared to cry. Or if you're not a gigantic sap like I am.

(FYI: the performance of this song in the clip from the show below is a slightly abbreviated version of the actual "Glee" track available on Amazon, iTunes, etc. So if you want to hear the whole song, buy the mp3.)

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