Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Few Important Things

It's a sweatshirt, you guys. Really!
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Oh, so many things to tell you. Starting with this reassuring fact: It turns out that eating more healthy foods and fewer chips, cookies, and jelly beans DOES IN FACT alleviate both belly bloat and those suspect extra pounds that so annoyingly interfere with the fitting of one's jeans. I have been consciously avoiding junk food (well, for the most part, that is--there is Easter candy in my house, after all! I'm not superhuman!) and making a point to eat more fruits and vegetables since last Wednesday. Miraculously, within those four days I have lost about five pounds, which puts me pretty much back where I generally belong.

The lesson here: If you get into a habit of mindlessly snacking on junk food and homemade baked goods for several weeks on end, you should assume that any resulting extra body fat is due to your snacking habits before you convince yourself that you have a deadly cancer.  Mmm-hmm. WHO KNEW? So that's a relief.

We are on spring break. Last year, spring break actually included spring weather. This year? Well, I am currently wearing three shirts, if that tells you anything. It is FREEZING COLD here. Literally. It's about 30 degrees. There is a cold wind. The snow piles are high. I don't even want to talk about it anymore.

So, did you know that, apparently, fancy sweatshirts are the thing for cute moms with style (and I'm assuming also cute women without kids as well) right now? I see pictures of and references to them all the time these days on parenting and style blogs (and mamas-with-style blogs). No, not fancy as in (horrors!) embellished or screen-printed or holiday-themed. Fancy, like....not your usual sweatshirt. I don't know. They're just a thing. Which at first I thought was really weird, but now that I'm sitting here in my three shirts, shivering while gazing out the window at snow and more snow, they're starting to sound rather smart. Anyway. Tell me if you've bought one, and if you have, what you think.

Lastly. On Friday morning our washing machine broke. (It has since fixed itself. I know. Weird. Don't ask. Just read the story.) Annoying, but whatever. On Friday after school, spring break began. Woo-hoo! The kids were super excited. Just as fabulous, I had promised to take them out for frozen yogurt if they completed their entire five weeks of YMCA tennis. Which they did, on Thursday night. So, after school on Friday, off to Cherry Berry we went. Awesome! Friday afternoon, Cherry Berry, and spring break starting! Could it get any better? Forget about the broken washing machine for a moment!

Shortly after we got home from Cherry Berry, Julia turned and looked at me over the back of the couch where she was sitting and said, " stomach hurts." At this moment all of you parents out there are imagining ominous dun-dun-DUNHHHH... music in the background. Because every mom knows what comes approximately thirty seconds after a child says " stomach hurts."

Within half a minute she was pale, sweaty, and beset with the stomach flu. Yes. At the start of school vacation. On the day my washing machine broke. You do the math.

On her first night of spring break, my eldest threw up seven times. All through the night. With me at her side. With my washing machine broken. Ah, parenting. (Sooooooo tired......)

Fortunately, since then the washer has resumed working AND none of the rest of us has succumbed to the throwing-up flu, as my children like to call it. Yet, anyway. (Although Genevieve came down with a cold--what's with that?) Julia is still sickly, pale, feverish, and miserable (not to mention bored), but she's no longer throwing up and my use of hand sanitizer and Lysol spray has reached epic proportions. I'm so paranoid that we're all going to get it, one after the other, and it will take over our entire school vacation.

And that's my first-weekend-of-spring-break so far! Here's hoping it improves FAST.

Maybe a fancy sweatshirt would help?

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