Monday, March 11, 2013

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Last night between bath and bed, when time was running short, Genevieve ran into the playroom, saying that she needed to write her "newspaper." She then spent the next half hour furiously writing with a pencil on a regular 8-1/2" x 11" piece of paper, turned sideways. She drew lines down the page and made several columns that way, and wrote words inside the columns, just like newspaper copy is printed. Finally she ran into my bedroom, where Julia and I were hanging out, and proudly showed us her finished "newspaper." And you guys....I died. I died laughing.

She had written "headlines" and then explanatory text underneath each one. The page was jam-packed with her six-year-old printing (which, truth be told, is more like most eight- or nine-year-olds' printing). 

Here are some examples of her stories:

Headline: "Strongest Man in the World Taps a House and It Falls Down!" [Here, Julia and I collapsed in gales of laughter.] Underneath, the text reads, "Strongest man in the world John Johnson tapped a house and it fell down! 'That was when he was 2,' his mother said. Nobody can believe that surprise!"

Headline: "Came Back Alive!" Underneath: "Jacqueline Zubiz was 42 when she died, but then she came back alive when she was 82! 'It was a miracle,' said her mother." [Indeed, right? Particularly because her mother must have been, what, 110 or so by then? Talk about a miracle!]

Headline: "Donkey Elected MAYOR!" [No text underneath. Apparently, the headline says it all. Genevieve swears to me that this is a true story she read about in a book.]

At the very top of the newspaper page, the corner of the paper is turned over, and Genevieve had written on the back of that little corner, "Follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, twitter, and 8-block." She says that "8-block" is an imaginary application, from her make-believe kingdom, "Genevieveland," which we hear about quite often in our household. Now, watch--she'll probably invent a new social media platform called "8-block" when she's like, twelve, and become a multi-billionaire. And when she does, I hope she remembers who sat on the floor beside her crib and slept in the hallway outside the nursery when she was a toddler because she cried for an hour at bedtime every night for two straight years and her father couldn't take the screaming. (That would be ME.)

Um, does she know something like, "Follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, twitter..." etc.??!

You guys...this child.

I can only shake my head.


beach bum chix said...

oh my gosh ... looove it!!

beach bum chix said...

oh my gosh ... loooove it!!