Thursday, March 28, 2013

Girls Gone (not that kind of) Wild

So much going on here. First, this recipe--and the many other versions thereof, which I seem to see everywhere on the Internet right now--is haunting me, taunting me, and tempting me. I'm probably going to have to go ahead and just make the damn things. My husband is lobbying hard in favor.

Yesterday the girls and I got up close and personal with a 12-foot-long, 1,000-lb. alligator named Big Al.

I have never been so close to such a huge, deadly creature in all my life. There was merely a thin sheet of glass between us and Big Al. He slooooowly, in stages, crawled ALL THE WAY OVER to the glass in front of where we were standing, so that his nose touched the wall. He eyed us in a most disturbing way the entire time. The note on the zoo wall said that alligators eat deer, antelope, raccoons, etc., but that they are animals of opportunity and will eat anything that crosses their path if they can. I took that to mean, "If this glass wall wasn't between you and Big Al, you'd be inside his gullet right now."


The Reptile and Amphibian Zoo in Owatonna, MN, was awesome. It was almost deserted, so we got great views of everything, and it's small, so it was extremely kid-friendly. I can't say that I liked the snakes, however. Honestly: so many, many evil pythons and boas and vipers staring me in the face. Terrifying. Several of them, too, clearly wanted to eat us and appeared to be calculating potential ways to escape (of which I am convinced there are none; no worries).

Justin Bieber's snake was even at the Owatonna Reptile Zoo. For reals! I didn't get the whole back story. I was too busy chasing after children around display cases of reptiles to read the whole explanation. Maybe you can research it for me.

 that's him!

 In case it's not clear, this is a photo of Justin Bieber. No, he was not actually at the zoo.

Need a cute Easter craft? My friend Kathy sent me this link, and the girls and I made salt-dough spring ornaments for an Easter garland (not yet assembled). OK, so, I'm not a craft blogger, so ours don't look quite as lovely as the ones in the link, but check it:

making the salt dough shapes in advance

 the salt dough was simple to make, super smooth, and easy to work with 

 that's actually Genevieve wearing an old paint shirt that says 'Julia'

We had lots of fun with this springtime craft. It was easy, too (FYI, I rolled out my dough thicker than 1/4 inch, and they took a very long time to bake hard and solid--like six hours or something). Try it!

What else have we been up to? Getting three inches cut off our hair:

Reorganizing the playroom until we can afford to redo it with new big-girl desks and chairs and proper storage for non-toddlers:

I'm pretty happy with it for now. Sorry for the dark photos. It was a very sunny day.

Getting suckered by my girls into buying spring/Easter placemats at Target:

That sort of thing. Listen, I know I promised to talk about other things today too, but I'm out of time. Children home, you know. I'll be back, with stories of kids, clothes, (more) crafts, candy, and neon pink. Promise.

(p.s. still no stomach flu. dodged the bullet. can't believe it.)

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