Tuesday, March 05, 2013

March + Minnesota = Lots of Snow

 You guys. We're on day two of a snowstorm, and the kids got a snow day. School's closed! All day!

Unfortunately by the time I learned of the school closing, I was up (super early as always) and getting ready for the day. And since I knew my children would be popping out of their beds at six or so anyway, I knew it was pointless to go back to bed. The coffee was even made! So, I didn't get to grab any happy extra sleep. But that's OK. I'm used to it!

By the time the snow ends around noon, we're supposed to have gotten about 8-10 inches, which seems about right. The pine tree boughs out back are laden and sinking under the weight. The world is a mass of undifferentiated white. We're inside in front of the fireplace and kid TV. There will be plenty of sledding and snow-playing and hot-chocolate-drinking later. It's early still. And we have the whole day.

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