Thursday, March 07, 2013

Sugar Snow

Tuesday was truly an amazing snow day. A good, old-fashioned, EXTREME snow day. Around ten inches of new powdery snow on the ground after two days of snowstorming. Schools in every direction closed for the day. A few lucky grown-ups stranded home from work (not my husband, but some).

So how did we spend it? The girls played outside in the snow, of course--a lot. What could be more fun? Especially when the temp is pleasant; kiddos can stay outside forever in weather like that. They played and played until they were wet and chilled. Then there was hot chocolate, and blankets, and books. There was Play-Doh, and art supplies, and cartoons. There was also a fair amount of baking.

First, I made this banana bread, which I tweaked from a Money Saving Mom recipe.

I've made the original version many times, and it's scrumptious, but I wanted--for once--a thoroughly healthy bread, so I left out the chocolate (I know! Crazy) and reduced the sugar, but kept the 100% whole-wheat flour. My bananas weren't overly ripe, so the bread ended up with a firmer texture and less-sweet flavor than a traditional banana bread. The outside baked into a gorgeous, perfect, crispy crust. All in all, it was fantastic.

Later on we moved on to Baked Glazed Chocolate Doughnut Holes.

Yum, you guys! You should make these! They're very easy, do not involved deep-frying in oil, and are actually NOT bad for you! And yes, they're delicious, and really do taste just like chocolate doughnuts. Mine weren't as pretty as The Naptime Chef's (seriously, how does she get hers to look like that??), but who cares. My fam gobbled them up. Warning: the recipe is small. You may want to double it.

In keeping with the snowy-day vibe, I also made a big pot of Lemony Lentil Soup for dinner. Also yum.

Are you bored yet? Sorry. There is nothing else going on around these parts! Tell me what you've been baking or cooking.

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