Friday, March 08, 2013

Who Has Time for This?


You guys! It's that time of year again: the time when my running watch once again displays the accurate time. That's because this weekend we turn the clocks ahead. And since I don't know how to change the time on my running watch, I just leave it the way it is year-round. For half the year, the time is an hour off. Or, wait a minute: maybe it's BEEN correct? and now it will be an hour behind? I forget, and going to check would involve standing up and going downstairs, so never mind.

So by the way. Isn't it crazy that it's already time to turn the clocks ahead? This is WAY early, wouldn't you say? I'm not really arguing, because who doesn't want more daylight at dinnertime?? But honestly, the whole Daylight Savings Time is a ridiculous pain in the rear. Let's just abolish it already, okay? I mean, let's face it--when you're a parent, DST pretty much sucks. It messes with your kids' schedules and body clocks and sleeping times. You never, EVER get an "extra hour to sleep" (yes, I know, that's in the fall, but still). Never, girlfriend. You just LOSE sleep. No matter what's going on and what direction the clock is turning, you lose sleep. That's it. That's all. Always.

Plus, do parents of young children really need MORE minutiae to remember? Remembering to turn every clock and watch in the house forward (or back) on Saturday night before going to bed? Do you think there is room in my brain for details like that? Maybe back when I was childless and had only myself to worry about; but now? Let me tell you: I can no longer remember something ONE SECOND after it leaves my visual field. Those brain cells are long gone, burned up in the early baby/toddler years of intense sleep deprivation and tantrum-endurance. The ones that are left are being used for things like remembering what day to pack a sack lunch because the third grade is going on an all-day field trip, and who's supposed to bring a dollar in change to school to learn coin-counting, and when. Not to mention the more important things like when did I last dose the six-year-old with Nighttime Cold & Cough, and is it too soon to give her more because no one can sleep with all that coughing? And TOOTH FAIRY DUTIES, OMG! The hardest thing to remember of all.

So, to recap: Running watches are complicated. I have no memory. Turn your clocks ahead. But not till Saturday night. Don't say I didn't remind you!

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