Monday, April 15, 2013

Don't Look Outside. Just Eat This Cake Instead.

Over the weekend someone in our house had a birthday. So of course, a decadent homemade deep dark chocolate layer cake with vanilla buttercream icing was needed. Which means little hands helping to decorate.

decorating Daddy's birthday cake

I won't say exactly, but this birthday was a particularly momentous one. Julia even told Daddy that he now has white hairs in his beard. I'm not sure that's true, but it was funny at the time.

We had friends over to help celebrate. This involved me feeding seven children, ages three to almost nine, accidentally large slabs of thickly iced cake festooned with M&Ms. With ice cream on the side. And then I sent five of those children home with their parents. Sorry, fellow parents. I hope the sugar crash wasn't too dramatic.

I am choosing to focus on the cheery topic of birthday fun rather than on the $%!@ weather we've been having, because the $%!@ weather has been so horrible that it is not possible to express the horribleness in words. I'm sorry, but SNOW and ICE and COLD TEMPERATURES and FROZEN GROUND COVERED IN SNOW (did I mention snow?) should NOT be happening in mid-April. No. Just no. No to the extended forecast that calls for MORE snow later this week. Everyone I know wants to strangle someone right about now, only we're not sure who. The weatherman? It's not his fault. God? Not possible.

Oops, looks like I talked about the $%!@ weather after all. Good thing later this week I am hosting a moms' coffee in honor of my BFF's birthday, because that means I will be making the homemade dark chocolate cake with the vanilla buttercream a second time. Twice in one week! Because if there was ever a week that called for cake, it's this one, in mid-April, when it's still winter outside.

Eat up!

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Christopher Tassava said...

And the cake was delicious! Beyond compare!