Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Five (or Three) Things

I read a few blogs that do this "quick takes" sort of thing on a particular day--you know, just five or seven or eight little blurbs about different things. I have no idea if it's usually five, and if it's usually on Friday, because I have zero brain cells left in the memory area of my brain you may recall, but it seemed like a good way to mention five random thoughts that in no way go together but with which I am preoccupied right now. So here you go.

* So, as seems to happen every single March-April, I appear to have become a bit overindulgent in sweets as the winter dragged on, and therefore quite maddeningly have a little more junk in my trunk than I did awhile back. (I hate that phrase "junk in my trunk," don't you? It's not really funny anymore. But it's a much more fun way to describe the situation than the depressing, "My rear is bigger than it used to be." Am I wrong?) And, in my Firefox bookmarks menu, I have not only all my favorite blogs but a boatload of recipes that I want to try someday and whose online location I don't want to forget. The other day I suddenly wondered if part of my sweets problem might be the fact that one of the blogs I check the most frequently is listed in my drop-down menu between "Peppermint Bark Milkshake" and "Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt." Literally, every time I go to Camp Patton, I see those two recipe names. This can't be good, can it? The subliminal sugar-pushing?

* Today is Genevieve's 1st-grade all-day field trip to the Minnesota Zoo. It's supposed to be sunny and 68 degrees today. On Monday-Tuesday it snowed 7 or 8 inches. This turn of affairs is nothing short of a miracle. All praise the gods of field trip weather.

* I am reading Raising Your Spirited Child, by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. Clearly this woman has secretly spied on my family since Genevieve's birth, because she is writing about Genevieve. Really. Every word. Genevieve. WHY did I not know about/pay attention to/listen to recommendations regarding/read this book when Genevieve was a year and a half? This advice and wisdom could have helped me for the past five years.

Kurcinka describes "spirited children" as those who are BORN more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, emotional and challenging. She says that their "terrible twos don't end," but rather "go on forever." She says that traditional advice to parents that these children's tantrums and wails just be "ignored" is "ridiculous and useless," because these children can scream for hours. She says these are the children who sometimes scream for an hour or two at bedtime every night for years. She says these children can go from elated to furious and screaming in seconds, experience moods physically and emotionally far more intensely than typical children, and have tantrums that often seem to come "out of nowhere," about the tiniest, most insignificant (to us) things.

They're not all hyperactive, overly energetic, or extroverted; some of them are intensely cautious about new situations; negative and solemn much of the time--and sometimes also very quiet--especially with people they don't know well; easily overwhelmed when they've been stimulated by outside activities, groups of people, or social situations and therefore prone to meltdowns at those times (or right after them). Many spirited children are super-perceptive of environmental stimulation and therefore wake to the slightest noise, never sleep in the car, have great difficulty learning to sleep at different places like a hotel or Grandma's house, and could never, EVER fall asleep in a noisy place such as the middle of a party or on the couch surrounded by family activity. All of this by nature and temperament. 

UM, GENEVIEVE. Genevieve, Genevieve, Genevieve.

You can't imagine my sense of validation and relief in reading this book. Actually, if you are Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, you can, because she says in the book that hundreds of parents over the years have said those exact words to her upon reading this book. (It is quite a famous book and has been revised, updated, and reissued a few times.)

Oh my goodness, that was NOT a "quick take." Sorry. Let's make this post just three things on Friday. I'm sure you've read enough by now, if you're still even reading, which you're probably not unless you are my mother.

Have a good weekend!

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