Monday, April 29, 2013

Life is So Much Better With Sun, Spring, and the Perfect Wedge Slingbacks.

You guys! Life is so weird. Last Tuesday, this was the scene in my backyard:

On Friday after school, this was the scene in my backyard:

By Sunday, we were at the park with a bunch of friends enjoying our first Sunday Picnic Dinner of the season, wearing shorts and t-shirts in near-80-degree weather. What the? I do hear that by Wednesday or Thursday of this week, it's supposed to be in the low 40s with a chance of a rain/snow mix. Since we are now all completely wedded to our spring/summer wardrobes and a normal level sunshine-related feel-good chemicals circulating in our brains, that forecast can officially suck it.

The weekend was fabulous. Saturday, especially, was likely the best Saturday I have had in months if not YEARS. That is what happens when you finally get warm spring weather after five to six months of cold/snow/winter/etc.: it makes life seem so off-the-charts fantastic that you run around feeling like you've won the lottery, found the perfect pair of jeans, and discovered a magical way to make cookie dough calorie-free all in the same day. Believe me, when spring is four to six weeks late and your kids have been wearing boots and snowpants for five months straight, any semblance of good weather takes on a level of wonderfulness all out of proportion to how you would normally experience it.

Weekend highlights: We bought a boatload more (mostly children's) books at our town's used-book sale. We played baseball in the backyard. We went for frozen yogurt at CherryBerry, hella yum. We went to the aforementioned picnic at the park with a bunch of BFFs.

OH AND DID I MENTION? I went up to the Arboretum--you know, my trail-running happy place?--on Sunday morning with the plan of walking a bit just to check out trail conditions: snow? ice? mud? flooded?, and discovered the trails were DRY AND RUNNABLE. Holy ecstatic moment of pure joy. I was practically levitating with happiness. I texted photos to my husband (I couldn't convince my family to come with me, they were too busy playing Uno and making pancakes and whatnot). I emailed my best friend who does not text. From the Arb. On my phone.

I got a little bit excited.

And if that didn't top off the best weekend ever, I also convinced my husband to let me order these wedge sandals, for which I have been DYING, for my Mother's Day present. (THANK YOU, HONEY! I know you do not understand women and cute shoes.)

Lands' End sandals

I have no idea why this photo is all crazy here. It looks perfectly fine when I preview the post. Sorry!

I told him my life would not be complete without these shoes. They are originally $59 but if I ordered them by Wednesday, I could get 40% off and free shipping, you all! I got them for $35! That is a steal. Especially since, in my experience, Land's End stuff is very high-quality and lasts forever. I am SO. EXCITED. They'd better fit, because if they don't I'll have to go on the lookout for a knockoff pair somewhere.

OK. Sorry. This post is probably interesting to no one but me. And it has little to nothing to do with mothering or stay-at-home parenting or even, really, children. I'll try to pull myself together later this week. Have a wonderful Monday, friends.


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