Friday, April 12, 2013

Snowstorms and Style

Gah! Horrifying.

[Oops! Correction: the author of the Ain't No Mom Jeans blog (see below) does not currently live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; she grew up there and now lives elsewhere. Sorry! Still a strange coincidence.]

Yes. We had a snowstorm. It was more like a three-day snow event that started with buckets of pouring rain. It's not entirely over. My kids made a snowman yesterday after school. A BIG snowman. Let's just say the landscape outside would be beautiful if it were December. Ahem.

Because my week was lost in multiple days of bad weather and all that comes with it, I don't have much to deliver. So, how about I just tell you about a few fun sites you might like as much as I do, and I'll try to rally and come back here next week when life (hopefully?) gets back to normal.

Awhile back I discovered the VERY funny Camp Patton. It has quickly become one of my favorite daily reads. A gorgeous, adorable, super-stylish mama with an OB-GYN resident (i.e. working all hours of the day and night) husband and THREE BABIES UNDER THREE? That makes for some good material, friends. Add in Grace's hilarious writing voice and enviable personal style and you've got a winner. Check it out.

Camp Patton led me (I think) to Stethoscopes, Style, and Grace. This blog's author, Erika, is not yet a mom, but she is a married medical student who wants to be one someday. She, much like Grace above, has enviable style and great clothes. Erika and I have already bonded over our love of J. Crew Factory and the fact that she lives in the Upper Peninsula (Northern Michigan), where my husband grew up and some of his family still live. Now, the latter detail alone is interesting because very few people live in the Upper Peninsula. It is a frozen and isolated hinterland. But apparently it is not completely devoid of style and grace! Because look: Erika!

Somewhere in there I stumbled upon Ain't No Mom Jeans, a mama-style blog to which I have quickly become addicted despite the fact that its authors are clearly far younger, fresher, and prettier than I am. Seriously, ladies, how old are you?? You look like college students. I've envious. Anyway, this blog is a fab resource for the stylish mama (or the mama who wants to be). I think I've read the entire archives. The style here doesn't always match mine--I'm in my forties, remember, and my kiddos are no longer babies or toddlers, which, yes, DOES impact one's style choices--but overall it's adaptable, brilliant, and full of good rules of thumb when it comes to fit and style. Oh, and at some recent point I discovered that this blog's author also lives in UPPER MICHIGAN. In fact, the same town as Erika of Stethoscopes, Style, and Grace. What the? Has the U.P. suddenly become a hotbed of style blogging? I don't know, but it all makes for great reading, so...enjoy!

Happy weekend, you all! I hope it's spring where you are. At least one of us should be able to enjoy it!

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