Monday, April 08, 2013

Snuggle Bunny

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So, as of last night, I am done solo-parenting for awhile. Christopher's flight got in at the girls' bedtime, which was a bit unfortunate, but that's okay. Get this: Not one, but TWO friends offered to pick him up at the airport for me, after I wrote about it on Facebook. This is a big deal, since we do not live in the city where the airport is located! Turns out I should have taken them up on it, since we didn't get back home until almost nine o'clock, when my daughters were whimpering about just wanting to be in bed already. But honestly, my Minnesotan Scandinavian Protestant upbringing just does not allow me to easily accept help when I am physically capable of doing something myself. I would have felt hella guilty making someone else drive two hours (or even one hour) in the dark in the rain for basically no reason. But doesn't this speak volumes about the amazing awesomeness of my friends and neighbors?! OMG!

While my husband was traveling, my daughters slept in our big king-sized bed with me. As some readers know, this isn't always the most restful, but I love it as much as they do. Vivi is the best cuddler when she is asleep. Julia mostly tosses and turns, but I still love having both my babes in one spot with me all night. It assuages my irrational mama-bear anxiety about something happening to my children in the night. Moms know what I mean.

One night when I was tucking the girls into my bed, Genevieve said, "Mama, I never notice when you come to bed because I'm asleep. But one time last night I woke up a little, and you had your arm over me, and I loved that because it made me feel so at home." She smiled contentedly with her eyes closed, and snuggled further down into my covers.

Couldn't you just die? I promise you, her first night sleeping in the dorms when she moves out for college, I'm going to be remembering that moment and crying my eyes out.

Spring is here. And while my legs might not quite be ready for them, I've decided on the yellow shorts. (I'm sure no one cares anymore.) The neon pink is just too....neon. Which is disappointing, but maybe I'll find a just-the-right-shade-of-pink, J.-Crew-knockoff pair at Target this summer or something. Believe me, the yellows are shockingly-bright enough. In the meantime, more running, less eating Oatmeal Carmelitas. (OMG! Don't say I didn't warn you.)


tricia*kushman*anderson said...

I purchased 5 pairs of the Merona shorts from green, yellow with navy birds, tan and black...they come with cute belts too! $20 per short but I just said DO IT. I won't get my size after I hem and haw and realize the price isn't bad! They are the perfect length and after one wash and dry they will fit good. (I need a smaller size than I purchased but they don't work all over) I'm giddy to have shorts on deck this early in the season! : ) I feel ya! I LOVE THE YELLOW you purchased! And I questioned if my soon to be 42 year old self should wear yellow with the birds...but I will style them appropriately cool : )

Shannon said...

TRICIA! Yellow with birds sounds AWESOME! I hope you post a photo on FB sometime this summer! :) Help--I have to go to Target tomorrow to pick up a few things on sale and look for a few things for my daughters....I'd better stay away from the women's clothing section!!! Mint green?! Love!