Monday, May 20, 2013

Extreme Weekend

I have christened the past 2+ days The Weekend of Too Much.

Too much activity; too much playing with friends (yes, there can be such a thing!); too much staying up late; too much standing and moving (that part was mainly me) versus sitting and resting (or sleeping). It was (mostly) fun, but there can even be too much fun.

My introverted children are just like me: They can go-go only up to a point; then they need at-home quiet time to recharge. Even my "spirited" (another word for intense and challenging, yet brilliant) child is an introvert. (There really are distinct personality types known as "spirited introverts" and "spirited extraverts.") Unlike some other children who can go-go-go all day every day, mine have always had a finely calibrated stamina limit. Since toddlerhood, I have had to be constantly watchful of and firm about balancing social activities, family fun, and lessons/classes/etc. with bedtimes, naptimes, and at-home downtime.

This weekend Genevieve had a (super-fun, completely amazing) playdate/birthday party event on Friday afternoon/evening. On Saturday we had various friends over (read: constant stimulation, activation, and social fun) from just after lunch until late afternoon, while Daddy was off biking in his 100-mile race for the entire day. Both girls were up very late both nights, and we kicked off Sunday morning with brunch for their pals and a dance practice/playdate at our house. After a brief break, it was off to their final swimming lesson of the school year.

When friends headed off for our ritual Sunday Picnic Dinner (at the park right now, until the pool opens in June), Genevieve said, "NO!" And it was a good thing I agreed with her: After coming home from swimming and eating a giant hot dog, Waldorf salad, and some chocolate pudding for dinner, she curled up on the sofa with a blanket and fell asleep. WHICH HAS HAPPENED PRETTY MUCH NEVER in my years as a parent.

We've got to rest up--official Talent Show Rehearsal is this week. May the force be with us.

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tricia*kushman*anderson said...

This reminds me of the Berenstein Bear books...."Too much Birthday" or "Too much TV" (love those books! We have a collection) I have two kids who can go-go-go and never stop. But I get it. Mamma needs to sit down sometimes! : )