Saturday, May 18, 2013

Famous Americans

Oh, friends, so much going on. As I type this, Christopher is in a small southern-Minnestoa town a couple hours away, preparing to ride in a 100-mile gravel road bike race. He left at 4:40 a.m. and will return sometime tonight. I am glad I am not him, but he is excited. Rumor has it that Greg LeMond is going to be there! For reals! (He's from Minnesota.)

The girls and I are at home, where will be busy doing chores and homework, making banana bread, practicing their upcoming talent show dance routine, and having playdates.

This week was Julia's big "Living Wax Museum of Famous Americans" program at school. The entire third grade does this project ever year, and it takes weeks of research, work, and preparation.

Each child is assigned a famous American to research. The children prepare speeches about their people and create life-sized pictures of each (by tracing each other's bodies). Julia was Abigail Adams.

The culmination of all this work was the program at school on Thursday. The giant figures are taped up in the school commons, along a timeline that stretches around corners and down halls and all around the perimeter of the space.

The children dress up in costumes (which have been assembled by the kids and parents during the week or two prior; families are encouraged to use things around the house or things they can make or borrow), then they stand in groups of three at different stations in the classrooms and pretend to be wax figures in a history museum.

Each group has a cardboard "button" for parents to press. When the button is pressed, one of the children "comes to life," steps forward, and gives a speech about the famous American they are impersonating, in the voice of that person.

Julia was with Daniel Boone and Betsy Ross.

They take turns giving their speeches, and do this repeatedly for 45 minutes while parents wander through the exhibits. It was hot and crowded and noisy, and still the children did an amazing job. My daughters' school is incredible.

As for me, I had a minor panic attack last evening when I realized that Julia's birthday party is getting a We are inviting eight little girls, which means that with my kiddos included, we'll have 10 children in a small house that day. Yikes! What happened to my original idea of keeping things small this year?

Ah, but fellow moms understand. Once you've decided on a group party, there are just certain friends that must be included. Maybe they are long-time BFFs. Maybe they are neighbors with whom your children play frequently. Maybe they are your best friends' children. It's almost impossible to just choose three or four. They are all important, cherished friends.

But it's OK, because (weather permitting) the party will be largely outdoors. It's going to be a garden tea party. No, I haven't yet planned or bought anything for said party. (OMG!) Hence the other cause of my panic attack. I just don't have time to plan or prep for this party right now, because I am HELPING SMALL CHILDREN CREATE AND MEMORIZE A DANCE ROUTINE TO A NEW DIRECTION SONG. Seriously, God, help me. How did I get into this?

Panic aside, it is a good May so far. Well, since May 10th or so....whenever the snow finally melted and the temperatures reached more than 40 degrees. It's been a good eight days? ;)

Two weeks and two days left of school. Can't believe it. Time marches on.


Katherine said...

Well, you can always check Pinterest for birthday party ideas. :)

Shannon said...

Gah! Pinterest. The social media platform that defines that old saying, "The perfect is the enemy of the good."