Monday, May 06, 2013

Oh My, May.

The other day I was looking through my iPhoto archives and found the above photo. Last year at the beginning of May I was out chalking on the driveway with my five-year-old while waiting for the afternoon kindergarten bus. This year everyone was off school while my town was buried in a HUGE snowstorm. Ugh!

Ah, but everything passes, and over the weekend it got warm(er), and the snow melted, and now, for the first time so far this "spring," the weather forecast includes the number "70," or close to it, and a sun icon for the entire upcoming week. The fact that it took until MAY 6TH for this to happen is not taken lightly by my fellow Minnesotans and me. In effect, yes, we lost spring this year. There are four weeks left before summer vacation--just four weeks without snow pants and snow boots and parkas, before the pool opens. How crazy is that?!

But all I have to say about the weather now is, THANK GOD. Yesterday I took my kiddos and their buddy to the park, and they all wore shorts (it was 54 degrees) and rode bikes (finally, no snow on the sidewalks!). Later, after their swimming lesson, I ventured up to the Arborteum--a.k.a. my running happy place--to test (again) the trails, and was able to run/hike for an hour despite having to climb over, under, or around four fallen trees (from the heavy, wet snow last week) and being forced to turn around at one point where the trail was underwater. The sun was out and it was 65 degrees, so I really didn't mind. I was just glad to be there.

Oh, May. Such a conflicted month. On the one hand I'm excited, because summer is almost here, and we all know how much I adore summer. On the other hand, we also all know the crushing sadness with which I experience the end of every next school year: the kidlets another grade older, another period of their childhoods over. Gah! It's torture. So what can you do? You focus on the happy, sunny, warm, good part. You try to put the other out of your mind.

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