Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Race to the Finish

so sick

Did you have a good holiday weekend, friends? I had a sick kidlet at my house, and it rained nonstop, so....ours left a little to be desired. We watched a lot of cartoons and read a lot of books. Still, in some ways it was sort of nice to have an excuse to just stay home, hang out, and be lazy. Other than a potluck picnic that was shifted indoors due to the weather, we had nothing going on.

Vivi has been sick for a very long time--a loooong-lasting cold that turned into a sore throat and then turned into a fever and then turned into an ear infection, for which I got her in to the clinic at the last minute on Friday afternoon before the long holiday weekend began, and it's a good thing, too--so she and I mainly hung out on my bed. She felt fairly miserable and missed two days of school last week. Her appetite didn't come back until yesterday, and she took naps and went to sleep before bedtime a few different times. This child pretty much never gets sick, so it was fairly odd.

There is one week left of school. In the next seven days, we've got the school's annual Talent Show and Picnic (which looks likely to be moved inside this year, boo), Field Day (for which I am volunteering, remember? for both my daughters' classes. what was I thinking?), the third grade's Kite Day (Daddy's got that one), Julia's 9th birthday party (ten little girls and a garden tea party--pray for good weather, you all), a good friend's 7th birthday party, Julia's actual birthday (bring treats to school! don't forget the treats!), and the last day of school (teacher gifts! don't forget the teacher gifts!).

I've got flower cupcakes to make and decorate, presents to shop for and wrap, a house to clean and prep, outdoor furniture to borrow, picnics to pack, treats to buy, and oh yeah, summer vacation starts next week and I still haven't finished our "Summer 2013 Bucket List" (this is what we're doing this year as a departure from ABC Summer). My to-do list is a mile long.

There are some other things going on too, but blah blah blah. We're all busy. This is a crazy time of year. Fun, but head-spinning and crazy. Which is sometimes a good thing, because the crazy takes my mind off the sad (another school year gone!).

Oh--and the pool opens in a week. Gulp! Are we ready to don swimsuits? I'm not sure we (I) are (am).

last June

And we're off. See you soon.

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