Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So Excited for Hot.

So, today it's going to be 93 degrees where I live. Yes, you are remembering correctly: we did have a very large snowstorm within the past two weeks. What the what?? The weather here is insane and mind-boggling.

If it seems that I am always writing about, and ridiculously preoccupied with, the weather, that is because the weather here has become so nutso that it makes one worry about the sustainability of the planet. Maybe the weather is this crazy where you live, too, and you're all like, Yeah, whatever, that's the way it is everywhere now, and thus you're tired of hearing about the crazy weather. Sorry about that. It's just that it is so crazy.

However, having said that, in Minnesota it generally leaps up to 90+ degrees all of a sudden one day in May. That part happens pretty much every year. It's just that usually it's not preceded by A RECENT SNOWSTORM.

Between the last time I wrote here and now, I have remembered a whole bunch of other stuff going on in May in addition to the stuff I was already feeling frenzied about. Yesterday I woke up at 4 a.m. and never went back to sleep because I was so busy frantically worrying about all the things that need to happen and places I need to be between now and June 4th. Most of these things happen every year, so you may be tempted to say, Shannon, obviously you get them all done every year, so shut up already. However, I'll tell you what doesn't happen every year: my children do not decide, with their two pals, to do a dance routine to a One Direction song at the annual school talent show in two weeks' time, forcing you and their pals' mom to devote several hours to helping them come up with choreography and then practice and memorize it. Which obviously will all be worth it in the end, because come on---two 6-year-olds and two 8-year-olds doing a synchronized homemade dance routine in front of several hundred people, outside on the summery lawn by the elementary school? Priceless.

Also: Why did I volunteer to help out at Field Day? WHY. I have no time for that. It happens two days before my daughter's birthday party. What was I thinking? I tell you: I had forgotten my daughter's birthday party was coming up when I signed on to help. I may have even forgotten about the birthday itself at that point. Because it was probably snowing at the time.

Oy vey, mamas. It's a wonder my head is still on straight. Half the time if I'm not reading it off a handwritten list of my own making, I've forgotten it even exists. I even write "make dinner" on my daily to-do lists, so that I remember to think about it before five p.m. each day.

How about you? Are you crazy busy too? (Silly question.) Do you rely on lists?

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