Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Best of Times*

Ah, yes, well. Summer has arrived at long last, and thus we have been spending a lot of time at the pool. We have not been sitting around at home blogging.

It seems strange that my kiddos have only been out of school on summer vacation for 2-1/2 weeks. We have already eased into something of a summer (non-)routine, and life feels, well, wonderful. Let me tell you, there's nothing like having your last snowstorm of the year on May 2nd to make you appreciate the warm, sunny days of summer that much more. The people here are almost giddy. There's this manic and half-frenzied air about everyone right now; you get the sense that we're all unconsciously counting how few days of this type of weather we'll actually get this year, and desperately trying to squeeze every second of enjoyment out of each one.

The girls are happily engaged in their little community-ed summer program--two afternoons per week for two hours at a time at their elementary school playground, where they do crafts and play games with college-student instructors while all the mamas race around getting the grocery shopping done kid-free as fast as they can. On other days they have playdates and we go downtown for popcorn and visit the library and go to the park with friends and take tennis racquets to the college courts and goof around there.


We go to the pool whenever we can. Yesterday, we took a picnic lunch there when the pool opened at 11:30, and stayed until three. Bliss, you all.

 Vivi taking a break from the sun

Because I'm still not running (high-hamstring tendonopathy), I get up at five every day and do hard Jillian Michaels DVDs, which make me extremely crabby for the first ten minutes but end up making me feel fantastic afterward. My days with the girls are too busy to fit a workout like that in later, and by evening time when Christopher is home I'm always too tired to want to do it, so I took my fellow-mom friends' advice and sucked it up and embraced the five a.m. workout schedule like so many of them do, and what do you know, it's actually a good idea. (Once it's over.)

I've also been furniture-shopping and re-doing my children's playroom. It seems that children grow, and then are no longer able to fit into miniature, preschool-sized tables and chairs, and then need larger spaces for art projects, homework, and general busy-ness and creativity. OK, then.

Ikea Norden Gateleg Dining Table = genius for two-child workspace.

We're skipping through our Summer Bucket List with great joy, eating a lot of bomb pops, watching cartoons, running through sprinklers, watering our pansies, reading piles of library books.

Oh, and I declared this season the Summer of the Braid. Get on board.

Bad selfie for my friend Lisa in Chicago who wanted to know what I do 
with the front of my hair when I put it in a braid. Um....nothing?

This is my favorite time of year to be a stay-at-home mom. It's summer. Life is good.

How is summer where you are? Let me know!

*Edited to add: Big thanks as always to Grandma and Grandpa for gifting us our family pool pass again this summer. That pool pass may be the single largest reason summer is as awesome as it is for the girls and me each year; it allows us to spend oodles of time in the water and sun with our best friends, getting fresh air and exercise and fun and love all summer long, and is something we dream about during the rest of the year! Thanks a ton, Mom & Dad!

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