Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home Sweet Home

You all, we have a problem.

You want to hear all about my family's summer trip (by which I mean, "my mom wants to hear all about our summer trip"), but I am doing the solo-parenting thing all week because the second we got home from said trip, my husband left town on business. OK, it wasn't the very second. It did feel like it, though.

In other words, I am hella busy from dawn to dark handling all the things that come along with being a grown-up with a house and children.

There is no time to write up blog posts about driving trips. I'm sure you're so, so disappointed. (If you're my mom, you actually are.)

So let me just say this. We are home. We are back from my daughters' mere second family vacation of their lives (not counting the week-long stay at the grandparents' when they were two and four, which was sort of a family vacation I guess, but also not really quite the same, but was instead more, well, a visit to the grandparents').

We saw a lot of things. We made a lot of memories. We took a lot of pictures. It was great. Really great. Well, everything was great except the night we almost got lifted into the air in our tent by prairie winds that were so strong and deafeningly loud that my children cried, I slept not one wink the entire night, our rain cover got whipped off--right before it started to rain--and we ended up "sleeping" upright in our car at three-thirty a.m. All four of us. Sitting in our seats in the car. Gah, you all.

Oh my, I got carried away into "writing about family trip"-land there for a minute. No time for that. So in the meantime, here's this:

There are lots more, as well as words to go along with them, but those will just have to wait. Home Sweet Home. Onward.

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