Tuesday, July 02, 2013

July, July

I've been wearing my swimsuit so much that perhaps it's time we just agree that the top can be considered actual clothes. A swimsuit top as a shirt? Why not. Just makes changing for the pool that much faster later on.

(In actuality I would not venture anywhere other than my house, my yard, or the park--or the pool, of course--in my swimsuit top worn as a shirt. I do have some standards. They're just not all that high in the summer.)

Since we last spoke, Vivi and I have discovered painting on aluminum foil,

lazy Saturday morning, hence nightgown and uncombed hair

we hosted our very first sleepover/slumber party (it's called a slumber party when it's a group, right? three guests? plus my two? partying?); picked the first, hesitant strawberries of the summer (so, so late this year, because winter lasted into May); tried pea tendrils for the first time, straight from the field at our co-op farm; and ate a lot of homemade smoothie popsicles (recipe here). 
We're getting ready to leave on a family vacation into the wide summer prairie this week, so I will wish you a happy 4th of July a bit early. 

Go to a parade, watch some fireworks, eat some ice cream bread (what the what, right?!), and don't forget to wear some red, white, and blue!

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