Monday, August 05, 2013

All Bark, No Bite

Right around this time every year, when the idea of sending my kidlets back to school all day makes me want to cry with pre-missing them, I start to think about homeschooling.

Of course two seconds later I come to my senses.

It's hard not to feel sad about no longer seeing this face all day long, though:

She lost her two top front teeth within a five-day span last week. The second one had been hanging by less than a thread--I swear--for four full weeks. She refused to pull it, because the other three teeth she has lost all just fell out painlessly when she was eating, and she was scared that it would hurt to pull a tooth out. Our friends had begun taking bets on when this latest one would fall out. It kept defying all odds. At the end, she could push it with her tongue to make it stick out perpendicular to her gum. (Gah!)

The cuteness is almost unbearable, but it's not just that fantastic, beloved jack o'lantern smile we parents all wait for; it's also the sweet lisp that accompanies it.

See, parenting is all about the little moments. Most of the time they mean much more than the big milestones, because they happen more frequently and they pepper an otherwise (perhaps) sort of humdrum life with jolts of love and joy and happy surprise, every single day.

Thank God for that.

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