Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Miss My Girls.

I miss my girls. And they're not even gone.

School days are on the horizon. No, actually, they're knocking on the door. In just one more week plus a holiday weekend, I'll put my girls on the bus at 8:05 and not see them till 3:20.

I realize that many moms are counting down the days. And yes, there's something mildly appealing about a return to structure and routine. I said MILDLY.

I do look forward to grocery shopping solo (sort of--although honestly, we've been having fun at the supermarket together lately) and exercising during the day instead of at five a.m. or in the evening. Also, I'm totally that mom who digs doing things like greeting my kiddos after school with home-baked cookies or banana bread fresh from the oven, getting the scoop on their days while they eat their snack and I go through their backpacks. Until about halfway through the year or so, I sort of even like packing lunches.

But none of that is as good as spending every day with them all summer. And this past week, with the kitchen calendar staring me in the face but the weather so gloriously hot and sunny that we went to the pool every single day, and with most of those pool afternoons at some point including my littlest kidlet cocooned in a damp beach towel and snuggled between my legs on a reclining deck chair after wearing herself out in the deep end, well...I miss them already, before they're quite gone. The days, and the girls. My best summer buddies and constant companions.

It's important at these times to remind one's self of the other, less halcyon times: the mornings of nonstop bickering, the tantrums over putting away laundry or cleaning the bathroom, the pre-pre-teen sulks and glares. Gah.

But mostly it's hard to remind yourself of why you'll be glad school's starting when your heart is willing the calendar to freeze.


Mnmom said...

I never EVER wanted summer to end. Even with the fighting and whining and wet towels on the sofa.

Shannon said...

Awww, I knew you'd know exactly what I meant, Mnmom!!! The end of summer breaks my heart, every year.