Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Gasp of Summer

Oh my, what a week.

A very, very close friend of my parents'--so, then, a very dear person to my entire family--is very suddenly and unexpectedly dying of cancer in my northern MN hometown. So this week has been an odd combination of desperately trying to squeeze in the last gasps of summer fun with the kidlets while also coping with that horribly sad situation. I can't go into details because it's not my place, but....well, you can imagine.

At the same time, remember that magazine that wants to put me on the cover of their November issue? Well, they called, and I've been scheduling outfit-procuring appointments with them and time to get my brows and lashes done before the shoot and of course the shoot itself. None of this happens in my own town, so between working around my kids' school schedule and the uncertainty of a loved ones imminent death, my head is spinning and it's a miracle I'm even speaking in complete sentences at this point.

Thank you for understanding.

I did want to pop in here though and wish you all a good holiday weekend. If you live in MN, this is likely your last weekend of summer vacation with your kiddos. Whether you're counting down the hours or wishing it would last forever, I hope you have fun with those you love.

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