Thursday, August 08, 2013

Summer Lovin'

Last weekend our family went on a rafting trip with three other families on the Cannon River (near our town). It was cray-cray. No, not really; it was a lot of fun. But we had never, EVER rafted in any way, shape or form (though we were with friends who are very experienced in the outdoor/water sports/rustic-type recreational arts) and basically had zippo idea what we were doing. It went quite well anyway, after the initial going-through-the-rapids-backward-with-Vivi-screaming-and-crying-that-she-was-going-to-die part.

Anyway, the girls and I followed up that all-day adventure with another trip out of town yesterday, when we went up to the city for our annual summer "field trip" to our favorite Minneapolis neighborhood--the one with the children's bookshop that has a miniature door within a door and houses pet chickens and cats and ferrets; an awesome playground; an award-winning ice cream parlor (Oreo ice cream cones, holla!); a huge toy store; and a drool-worthy bread bakery that gives out free slices and also sells the BEST whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies the size of a baby's face EVER.

School starts four weeks from the Tuesday just past. Therefore, it is time to step it up and do all those Summer List adventures not yet crossed off. Linden Hills was one of them.

In between the two days o'fun, I took my girls to Target and we literally bought every single school supply on their lists, plus new backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles, and tennis shoes for P.E. Why yes, I DID feel like a superhero after that feat. Because we did it in ONE STOP. In TWO HOURS' TIME. With NO MELTDOWNS IN THE STORE.

And we didn't even have to search for the mythical Flair pens.

I give myself a huge pat on the back for this week, friends. So yes, I've skipped workouts, cooked lazy dinners like individual pizzas made from tubes of crescent roll dough, consumed too many sweets, and slept horribly; you can't succeed at everything at all times. Some things go awesomely, some things not so much. That's life.

Enjoy your summer weekend, you all! Next week my baby turns 7, grandparents come to visit, and all manner of busy-ness occurs. I'll fill ya in later.

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