Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It's been in the 95-105-degree range all week here, with no end in sight, so---I bet you can't guess---we've basically been living at the pool. School starts next Tuesday, so the pool closes on Monday. In other words, can you imagine a better combination of circumstances? One hundred degrees, but the pool is still open the entire week? Score! (Also: thank God the pool is still open!)

I don't like to talk too much about the beginning of school. I take comfort in the knowledge that there are other mama-writers out there who feel exactly the same way I do about the onset of a new school year. Also, I recall that about three or four days into the school year, I historically become OK with it. But right now, I'm all, Noooooo! Don't take my babies from me all day every day! I'll be loooonely! And then winter will come!

It tends to all sort of run together in my mind at this time of year: the start of school, the end of summer, the looming dark seasons.

However! It's not quite over yet. And so in these last few precious days, the girls and I are treasuring every lazy morning (right now, we're watching "Curious George" and lounging in our pj's on the sofa at a time of day when, before too long, they'll be sitting in a classroom) and soaking up every strong ray of sun during our pool afternoons. (One hundred degrees! Bring it.)

If you can't stop time, your best alternative is to squeeze every drop of wonderfulness out of days like these.

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