Monday, September 09, 2013

Apparently it's Fall. Despite the Fact that it's 99 Degrees.

So. Over the weekend I learned that THESE now exist and are on sale at Target:

PUMPKIN SPICE M&Ms, you all.

As if I needed another flavor of M&Ms to become addicted to if I so much as open a tiny corner of one bag. Surely you know about the peanut butter ones, right? (NOT the peanut M&Ms (yawn), the PEANUT BUTTER ones.)

Oh and then there's apparently also this:

Help!!! White chocolate candy corn? M&Ms? Are they TRYING to rot my teeth, give me high triglycerides, and make all my clothes not fit? (I think the answer there is technically, "Yes, as long as it makes them money.")

I have been addicted to candy corn (in the fall only, of course) since I was a kid, and pumpkin spice anything totally makes my day. Also, I recently discovered the (plain) white chocolate M&Ms on a clearance endcap at Target and found them completely delicious, more so than I had expected. (Not sure what I was expecting.)

OK, MOVING ON from the Ecstatic Candy Chronicles....

I had quite a weekend. It started out with a trip to the city on Friday morning while my kids were in school, to pick out clothing for the magazine photo shoot I'm doing this week. (Those are certainly words I never thought I'd have reason to say in this lifetime.)

I met with the editor (super nice! so sweet!) at a boutique they use for things like this, and we picked out things to try on. I was so glad she was going for a stylish but casual look. She wants the cover to project my personal style, and as a busy at-home mom, blogger, and writer, I'm certainly not running around in pencil skirts and four-inch heels. We found some cute clothes and accessories and I was on my way.

A bit later, Christopher left with a few cycling club friends to go on an out-of-town trip for a big bike race a few hours away. The race was the next day, so the girls and I were on our own Friday-Saturday. It turned out to be extreeeeeemely hot and humid even though, as I've mentioned, the POOL IS NOW CLOSED. Oh well---at least I wasn't doing an all-day bike race in that weather!

Rather than going to the pool, the girls and I headed to our CSA farm on Friday after school, to pick up our share and to U-Pick cherry tomatoes.

I made a ton of roasted tomato sauce for the freezer on Saturday. This photo only shows part of the tomato haul we brought home.

But before the marathon tomato-preserving task, I took the girls downtown to this big festival my town does every September. My town is the site of a famous attempted bank raid by the Jesse James Gang in 1876 (the bank is still standing!), and the festival commemorates the defeat of the gang by local townspeople. It's a HUGE event and people come from all over for it. Townies get dressed up in cowboy gear and there's a rodeo, carnival, parade, and even an exciting live-action bank raid re-enactment with local folks as actors, live horses, and prop guns.

Anyway, there's a "kiddie parade" on Saturday morning, and my daughters wanted to be in it with the pals with whom they did the One Direction dance routine at the school talent show last spring. They made a 1D-themed "float" out of a little red wagon over the course of the past few weeks, complete with a paper cutout of one of the band members with a moveable arm "for waving."

(There is no enforced theme to the kiddie parade. Plenty of kids dress up as cowboys or bandits, but all that's required is a costume of any sort, decorated bike or scooter, silly float, or anything else remotely cray-cray that your kid wants to do, ride, or wear.)

I took the kids down there and hooked up with these friends and their dad. (Their mom, my friend Connie, was also out of town, so we joked that everyone downtown probably thought he and I were a couple, and were mom and dad to four blonde quadruplet girls.)

It was hilarious as expected.

my daughters and their pals with their homemade float and the festival "royalty"

By far the funniest part of the whole thing was the fact that my daughters' friends' dad showed up in a giant black wig with a sign taped to his chest that said "Harry Styles." (The shaggiest-hair member of the band One Direction, for those of you without 7- to 13-year-old girls in your house.) I died laughing. I'm not sure he wants his photo on the Internet though so I'm not including it here, which is honestly too bad for you.

And that was my crazy weekend.

If you've tried the pumpkin spice or white chocolate candy corn M&Ms yet, let me know what you think, OK?

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Lori Culwell said...

Those candy corn M & Ms are frigging delicious. I also did a whole blog post about them.