Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Frenzy

fall at the farm

 Hello again, friends.

Vivi's back at school, my cold is almost gone, and the days are sunny and gorgeous. Fall is here, but when it looks like this (sun, 72 degrees), it's fine with me. I mean, yes, I'd prefer long strings of blissful summer hours at the pool with my kiddos, but this is pretty good too.

Truth be told, one of my other favorite things (besides summer at the pool with my kiddos) is the time after school each day when my girls come home, I feed them a homemade snack while listening to them talk about their days, we do a little homework, they go outside to play in the backyard with their friend(s), and when it's still warm out like it is now, the back door is open to the screen and sun is streaming in the wall of windows and I can see and hear them all playing together while I start cooking dinner. (Longest sentence ever.) Love it. Truly, truly love it.

Family life in the fall is so busy. There is so much going on and coming up right now: school volunteer planning, school fundraiser, parent-teacher conferences, a dear friend here in town HAVING HER 3rd BABY TODAY OMG!, the kids' swimming lessons and upcoming tae kwon do (they're trying something new!), homework, the usual.

fall farm bounty

But I have to confess. Among and amidst the usual, some not so usual things are going on too, things I haven't mentioned here.

For one thing, I have a job interview coming up, for some part-time therapy work. More deets later.

For another, in just a few weeks, I am going to Toronto for five days and four nights (two of those days are mainly travel) with my good friend Laura, to celebrate her 40th birthday. She wanted to go on a trip to an interesting city for her 40th, with her favorite women, and guess what, I guess I'm one of them! (I'm flattered!)

This is a huge, HUGE deal for me, and it's both good and bad; I'm super excited to have lots of fun with Laura, her sister, and her college BFF (neither of whom I've met yet) and see the Toronto (and Niagara Falls) sights, but I'm saaaaaad at the prospect of five days away from my kidlets (FIVE. DAYS!), and I do not actually like to travel. At all. I'm a homebody (and I'm VERY happy that way), and ever since having babies, I've been terrified of going on a plane trip and dying in a plane crash and leaving my girls motherless. Yes, I know, it's irrational.

That's all I really want to say about that right now, because honestly I get too sad if I think about being away from my daughters for that long. But I am busy trying to prepare for all that.

Because fall is here, it's time to bake fall things and put up Halloween decorations. Are you?

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