Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall, Wheat, Weekends, and Whatnot

Autumn-y but wheat-y

Yes, my fingernails continue to grow at a supernatural pace. It's awesome. Have you bought your biotin yet? I think it's working with my hair too although that takes a lot longer to ascertain since hair grows much more slowly than do nails.


So have you read the book Wheat Belly? OMG, you guys. A friend and fellow mom recommended it, so I checked it out of the library on Friday. I don't normally jump on dietary bandwagons--honestly, in our house we just eat pretty much everything (other than red meat and most pork) in moderation and stress the fruits and vegetables at mealtime--but I could not put this book down and I read the whole thing in 24 hours. So compelling and fascinating, friends.

Too bad I also made chocolate chip cookies, multi-grain apple-cinnamon muffins, and whole-wheat chocolate chip zucchini bread this weekend. Ha! Oops. :(

Anyway, you all know about genetically modified wheat, right? How the wheat that's in almost every packaged item in the grocery store in some form or another is NOTHING like the wheat our grandparents ate, because it's been modified for greater yields so dramatically that its entire chemical makeup has changed? And the current wheat is far, far less healthy than its predecessor? But no one in charge tells you this, because it's in everything, and food producers want you to buy it? Well, that.

And also, according to the M.D. author of Wheat Belly, this altered wheat is terribly addictive, and actually makes you (strongly) crave more wheat-containing items, because it causes blood sugar ups and downs that make you hungry again two hours after a wheat-heavy meal (i.e., cereal or toast for breakfast; sandwich at lunch). So you snack. On crackers, chips, cookies, etc. In other words, on wheat.

Gah, you all! This seems right to me! Have you ever in your entire life eaten just one Oreo, after all? HAVE YOU?

Well, listen. This friend who recommended the book has followed the book's advice, and has been wheat-free since May, and she's a living success story and SWEARS she doesn't miss it at all (as the book promises). 

So now I'm intrigued. Although I'm not about to toss out every loaf of bread, Ritz cracker, and homemade chocolate chip cookie in the house. But I am interested, now, in reducing the wheat foods we eat at meals. I already avoid grain carbs at breakfast and usually lunch too, because I've noticed myself that I feel better and fuller for longer when I go the protein-and-vegetables route, but dinner and snacks would/will be killer.

OK, OK, moving on. This isn't a sponsored post or a commercial for the book. Just something on my mind these days.

In other news, I fear the Fall/Winter/School-Year Weekends of Horror have begun. What is it about school-year weekends in my house?! Non-summer weekends seem to turn my kiddos into bickering, whining, grouchy goblins. There is something about being out of the usual school/work routine, having a small house where there's no place to escape from anyone else, and long stretches of unscheduled time that wreak havoc on my household. It's one of the reasons I dislike winter so strongly, because it only worsens when the weather gets really cold and we can't be outside as much. Anyway, clearly once my kidlets settle into their school schedule, the free-for-all of weekends does a number on their brains. Gah. Don't like.

Here are a few oldies-but-goodies I do like about fall. In case you sometimes need a reminder of things to do with your kids on those long, unscheduled weekend afternoons.

Remember the seed hunt??
Mmmm....pumpkin muffins, nothing better
Leaf rubbing art: a classic, and oh so pretty
The autumn collage
Apple orchard visit
And of course there's always apple crisp to make
Mini caramel apples! So cute!

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