Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Short Takes

Happy Friday, friends!

Even though the weeks fly by with somewhat worrisome speed, I for one, am glad it's Friday because the girls and I have some fun things planned for the weekend.

We have friends at our house to play with after school, which always makes my daughters' day, and after they go home we're planning to drive out to the apple orchard for apples and warm cider doughnuts straight out of the fryer, which we plan to bring home and eat as "dinner" while watching their absolute favorite: Season One of "The Muppet Show" on DVD (such a retro trip down memory lane). I have promised they can stay up late and sleep in my bed because we're sort of on our own again this weekend.

Now doesn't that sound like a kids' Friday-night dream come true? Friends, doughnuts for dinner, TV, staying up late, sleeping in the big bed? Yes.

And on Saturday we're going to the annual open house at a nearby alpaca farm. We've gone every year since the girls were toddlers. We love it. The babies are sky-high on the cute-meter.

Moving on to a few quick thoughts to kick off your weekend...

* Fall running is the best, isn't it? I'm still running to Katy Perry's "Roar" on repeat, and so should you. Have you seen the video for this song yet? It's awesome. I love how, even though the song is an obvious revenge note addressed to her ex-husband Russell Brand (grrrrrr.....), for the video she crafts a campy, literal interpretation of the lyrics, making sure to look extremely lighthearted and super-happy and as if she's joyfully reveling in the fun of it all, just in case anyone (Russell Brand?) was watching. She's pretty cheeky, isn't she?

* I have not tried the white chocolate candy corn M&Ms yet. I'm on it, though.

* Both my daughters' teachers have asked me, as a school volunteer, to lead weekly book clubs for select students in their classrooms this year.  If I do that, I'll be involved in three different book clubs: the 4th-grade class one, the 2nd-grade class one, and the outside-of-school mother-daughter book club I joined with Julia last winter. Do you think I'll have enough children's literature going on in my life? Ha.

* Remember how I won that blog giveaway for a free pair of Danskos last week? Well, right after that, I won a different blog giveaway for a three-pack of Nuttzo. I should probably go out right now and find a lottery ticket to buy, right?

* This recipe. Yum.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

[Edited to add: Update: My daughters did not end up eating only doughnuts for dinner, in case the nutrition police is reading. They also had vegetarian hotdogs and raw veggies dipped in homemade hummus, plus crisp juicy apples from the orchard. And a little yummy doughnut for dessert. :) ]

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