Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Adventure as a Cover Model

So, yesterday was my photo shoot for the cover of Savvy, a Twin Cities metro-area women's lifestyle magazine that's publishing a literary issue in November. Somehow, some way, Savvy's editor-in-chief, Britt Johnsen, heard about me, and called me up a few weeks ago to say that she wanted to feature me and my book in the issue, including putting me ON THE COVER OF THE MAGAZINE.
What the what??

Needless to say, I was extremely flattered and honored to be asked, and said OMG YES right away.

The photo shoot was a ton of fun. After putting my girls on the school bus yesterday morning, I drove up to a studio way out in the middle of far-western-suburban nowhere. It was a miracle I found this place--thank God for MapQuest, you all, seriously, it did an impeccable job even with tiny industrial area streets and whatnot--and fortunately I arrived 15 minutes early so I had time to get nice and nervous. ;)

No, really, everyone there was super warm and welcoming and put me immediately at ease. The first thing they did was plop me into the makeup and hairstyling chair. I had been instructed to show up barefaced and with clean but unstyled hair, and you guys, despite the fact that Genevieve told me that morning that I looked "so pretty" as I was, let's just say there was quite a bit of paleness and dark circles (gah! sleep is elusive at this time of year) and frizziness going on.

No worries. The hairstylist and the makeup artist, Mary and Jill, worked their magic over the next 45-60 minutes or so. I looked glam, people.

The amazing photographer, Steve Lucas, took multiple shots with me in three different outfits. Britt, Mary, and Jill were all there the entire time, and between shots they kept doing things like straightening a shirt hem, tweaking my jewelry, arranging my hair just so, and adjusting my lip color to go with my clothes. Let me tell you, I could get used to having an entourage ensure my polished appearance every day. I told Mary and Jill that I need them at my house each morning.

The whole experience was really fun, but the funniest part was when one of them said that I was "a natural" at posing for the camera and I "must have experience doing this sort of thing." HAHAHAHAHA! Too funny. For the record, I have zero experience doing that sort of thing, am a hardcore introvert who generally dislikes public attention including photographs, and was mainly just hoping that I looked as if I'd gotten some sleep sometime in the past nine years, and wishing I had somewhere to go afterwards in all that glamorous makeup and fancy hair (the nearby Caribou didn't count).

You'll have to wait about a month to see the actual cover with the final photo, but Britt took a few behind-the-scenes cell phone photos she is graciously allowing me to share here.

Here's me getting a lip color change from Jill between shots. I want to know how Mary made the back of my hair look that perfectly Hollywood-starlet loosely-wavy. I mean, really. I want that hair every day! Also, you can't appreciate it from these photos, but that striped top I am wearing is to die for. It was so long, lean, incredibly soft, comfy, and autumnal that I dearly wanted to find a way to "accidentally" take it home with me. (Just kidding, Britt! I would never do that.)

Here's a sneak peek at some actual shots. The cover photo isn't going to be full-length, which is why the hem length looks off and I'm not wearing cute heels or boots or something but just my leopard-print ballet flats from home.

Thanks again, Britt, Mary, Jill, and Steve Lucas Photography for all the fun yesterday! And you all, be sure to check out Savvy magazine. You can connect with their Facebook page here. Can't wait till November! :)

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