Wednesday, September 04, 2013

On Day Two

The treat I had waiting for my girls after school on their first day of 2nd & 4th grades: cake batter milkshakes.

Yesterday was the first day of school. It's only been two days and I'm as tired as my daughters. As I type this, I'm fantasizing about going to sleep. I think it's because the night before the first day of school I woke up at four a.m. and couldn't sleep, so finally I just got up and began my day. First day jitters and all that, I guess. Since then I've been in a bit of a whirlwind of household-running and whatnot, and haven't caught up on my sleep yet. Hopefully tonight.

The jitters were for naught. The bus came Tuesday morning and the girls got on. No tears. No worries. No drama.

As for me, I was too busy rejoicing about the fact that the morning bus stop this year is our next-door neighbors' driveway to shed tears about the start of school. The driveway that is mere feet from our front door. Hallelujah, people! Do you know how thrilled I'm going to be in January when the windchill is twenty below zero and I can just prod my daughters out the door with a hug and a swig of my nice hot cup of coffee?

The afternoon stop is down at the corner, but I can see it from my driveway, so if I get my way eventually I can do away with all walking and energy expenditure altogether.

Kidding. I love meeting my kiddos at the bus stop, and I also love being super-active. Just not in January.

I was lonely yesterday, for sure. Even though I had plenty to keep me busy, I missed my girls. Today too. It was hot and sunny and all I could think about was being at the pool with my daughters. Of course, the pool is closed anyway.

Last night at dinner, Genevieve said she missed me all day long at school. That broke my heart a little, but what can you do, homeschool? (That's a resounding NO, from me.) I know that we'll all get used to this, as we always do, and then all the changes of a new school year will be nothing but normal.

I suppose you want more photos. Or maybe not, but if you're my mom, I know you do, so here you go. The rest of you, I'll be back soon with musings on stay-at-home motherhood when your kids are in all-day school, the "opt-out" generation of moms trying to "opt back in" (are they really? are you? am I?), yummy after-school snacks for hungry kids, and the magazine cover photo shoot coming my way soon. (Yeek!)

Soldier on, mamas. These kidlets, they just keep growing up.

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