Friday, September 20, 2013

Still Here!

Is it time for this yet? Because I kind of think it should be.

Hey, all. Just a quick visit today to say hello and explain that Genevieve and I have been sick (welcome back, first cold virus of the school year!) and that, paired with the usual busy-ness of normal mom/kids/school life, is why I haven't written more this week. I haven't been sick since last Christmas, so I really can't complain; I've restocked up on zinc and Emergen-C so hopefully I can reclaim my healthiness streak soon. As for right now, my brain is in a fog so if I write something that doesn't make sense that's why. [I actually just wrote that last sentence wrong, with some words out of order, and had to retype it. For reals.]

But in other quick news, my 4th-grader just got elected to student council! I'm so proud of her.

Oh, and: pumpkin spice M&Ms aren't all that great. Meh. I know! So disappointing.

But! I won a blog giveaway for a pair of Danskos this week! Also for reals! As someone diagnosed with arthritis in her feet at age 28, I've been a hardcore Dansko fan forever. This was SO exciting.

Hope your week went great and that your weekend is relaxing and fun. TGIF and all that, right?

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