Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Warriors

I have rarely kept my girls as busy as I did this past weekend. Proof: Genevieve reportedly fell asleep two times between dinner and bedtime last night. I was off helping friends clean the just-vacated house of our other friend, who had a baby last Tuesday and MOVED--same town, different house-- less than one week later (GAH!), so I did not witness this napping, but I had a reliable source, so I believe it.

Normally I believe in a nice moderate mix of planned/structured activities and open playtime during which I expect my girls to entertain themselves. But since this was the second weekend in less than a month during which Daddy was gone to compete in a bike race, I had to keep us fairly on-the-go to keep Genevieve distracted and happy rather than crying. (Julia's old enough that she doesn't really care.)

We did go to the apple orchard on Friday night, and it was beautiful. We've had this hot, windy, summery weather here, and by five or six o'clock it had mellowed to a warm and lovely evening. The girls and I bought apples, mini doughnuts, and some jars of jams and salsas for future gifts, then went home and had a girls' movie night. It was nice.

On Saturday it rained most of the day. In a fit of desperation to get the children out of the house and moving, I took them to the indoor track at the rec center of the college where Christopher works, where we get in free, and the three of us walked and ran for a long time. A bit of fortune-telling: Vivi is going to rock the track team when she gets older. This girl stepped onto the track, said, "I'm going to run," and took off SPRINTING an entire lap (1/8 mile) like a speed demon. She then ran seven more laps, each one at almost sprint pace, which cracked me up because she is TINY and it looked so incongruous--the sight of her tiny body and glowing blonde head moving so fast around the track.

When the rain finally stopped, we met friends at the annual Alpaca Farm Open House. There was a baby alpaca that had been born only two days prior, and a handful of others only a couple of weeks old. Adorbs of course.

After the alpaca farm, we went to Target, where I realized I had forgotten my list. We managed to buy about a third of what I actually needed, and threw in some extras like sweet potato tortilla chips and yogurt-covered pretzels for good measure. Heh. Another movie night rounded out the day, and a second night of sleeping in "Mama's big bed." When I say "sleeping," I mean them, of course. I don't get a lot of sleep with two small children tossing and turning and stealing the covers and talking in their sleep. But it's so worth it. It's one of my favorite things in the world.

Sunday morning I made waffles and then we went to the Arboretum for a hike in the gorgeous sunny weather. The prairie grass is taller than I am in some places. After that it was time for swimming lessons.

This may be the most boring blog post ever written. But my point is: KEPT THEM BUSY. KEPT THEM HAPPY. TIRED NOW. ;)

Have a wonderful week, you all.

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