Monday, October 21, 2013

Home Sweet Home

 I'm back, you all. And I had a FABULOUS time.

I have more stories and photos than any of you care to hear or see, but for now I'll just give you a few tastes.

Poor little Vivi had a very hard time with me being gone for five days, and sent me many texts on her daddy's phone along the lines of, "Mama, please answer me. I miss you so much. Please come home. My heart is broken", which, when you're a tiny 7-year-old who hasn't really been away from her mama before, are not at all manipulative but are instead very heartbreaking. But I'm home now and all is well.

In an attempt to take away the sting of my departure, I left the following surprise for my daughters when I left for the airport on Wednesday (for them to find when they got home from school that day):

Not sure it worked, but they did enjoy the treats, I heard later.

My dear friend Laura, for whom this trip occurred (to celebrate her 40th birthday) and with whom I traveled, was clearly thinking along the same lines as I was, and presented me with this as we waited to board our plane:

It was pretty funny. Yes, I'm sure the flight staff and my fellow passengers did wonder why I was eating pills by hand straight from the prescription bottle. (In case it's not clear, those are M&Ms.)

Here I am before boarding, excited but also hoping we wouldn't die in a plane crash:

And here are Laura and I the next morning, on our first full day in Toronto, in the lobby of our very nice hotel, waiting with the other two awesome women who made up our merry band of four to go to the subway and begin our sightseeing adventures:

Then we were off, and we didn't stop for four more days. So. Much. Fun.

I missed my babies terribly, and it was hard to be gone from Vivi especially for that long, but it was an absolutely wonderful trip all in all.

Now I'm home, exhausted, and ready to do all the laundry, restock the groceries, hunt for the swimming goggles Julia lost while I was gone, quickly find heavier jackets and thin gloves for my kiddos to wear to school because the weather turned cold in my absence (the heat is on in our house for the first time this season), and generally re-organize my household and daily life. Christopher did great while I was gone but you know how it is.

Have a wonderful week, friends, and I'll be back in this spot soon.

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