Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Short Story

...Because that's all I have time for today!! I leave for Toronto in two days and life is rather CRAZY right now. [Break for minor panic attack.]

What have I been up to, other than making pumpkin muffins and homemade applesauce, eating candy corn, trying not to freak over preparing and packing for a five-day trip to another country, and loving up my kiddos (especially the littlest kiddo, who is saaaaaad that I am leaving for five days) [Insert another panic attack]?

Well, I've been festively chalking on the driveway with my little mini-me in stripes:

I've been running through the woods and the prairie in the golden light of autumn sunset, just me and the little family of deer (two mamas, two babies) I see at the same point along the trail just about every time I go.

I've been going to the pumpkin farm with my family and our besties, where the requisite annual photos must be taken:

 A nearby onlooker asked us, "Cousins?" We get that kind of thing a lot with these four blondies.

this shot will be their future band album cover

I don't remember what else I've been up to lately, because my brain is currently too addled with everything I need to do before I go on my trip, but I will leave you with this: a column from the Huffington Post about stay-at-home mothering, written by a (non-stay-at-home) husband and dad, which I strongly feel everyone--parent or not, home or not, working for pay or not--should read. [Amen, Matt Walsh! Love you, man.]

I'll see you all on the flip side of my travel adventure. Pray for me. I'm excited for a fun time with some awesome ladies, but I'm NOT excited about flying or (especially) leaving my babes for five days. If I get through the five days without crying it will be a MIRACLE. Onward, though, you all. Right?

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