Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Few Random Things


These things are not necessarily related, nor are they guaranteed to have anything to do with kids or motherhood. They're just a few interesting things bouncing around my head these days.

1. Glennon over at Momastery is doing her Holiday Hands project again this year. Remember this? It's a HUGE service project that pairs folks with something to give (money, time, gifts) with folks who have holiday needs. Check it out. It's a great way to feel connected with the larger web of human beings out there, each of us trying our best, each of us sometimes in need (not always for money or toys but maybe for love, strength, friendship, prayers, or hope) and sometimes able to give.

2. Speaking of giving, an independent, mama-founded running-gear business called Active Bands has organized a "Virtual 5K" as a fundraiser for Philippines typhoon relief. For $15, you can register to run 3.1 miles anytime between Wednesday and Saturday this week--on a course, on a track, in your neighborhood on a route you've mapped out to be 3.1 miles, whatever--and 100% of the entry fee goes to a relief group helping typhoon victims. You also get a free Active Band running headband just for registering! And when you're done running, you email your time to Active Bands to have your name put in for drawings of donated prizes. Are you a runner? Do it. I am! (For more info, check out their Facebook page.)

3. Here's why those of us from these parts are so crazy about where we live. (I'm in a small town an hour out of the city now, but it's basically the same down here, only with more cows and farm fields.)

4. So, carbs. A month or so ago I experimented with avoiding bread products (so, not carbs like those in vegetables or yogurt or even potatoes and rice; just things like bread, cookies, tortilla chips, cake, buns, muffins, crackers, scones, etc.) to see if what everyone says is true (that doing so will magically melt away any pesky extra lbs. and belly bloat that have seemingly permanently affixed themselves to your mid-section, decrease your snack-food cravings, and make you feel great).

Well, guess what. It totally did. For the roughly two weeks I sustained the effort. Then I fell off the wagon (several birthdays in one week = cake & lots of it), regained the lbs., belly bloat, and raging snack-food cravings, and now: upcoming holiday cookie exchange. Goddammit.

(This book is really good, very compelling, and tried-and-true in that I have a good friend who has followed its advice and benefited greatly, health-wise, as a result.) I was amazed at how great I felt when I wasn't eating so many starches, though. Who knew that eating that stuff makes you crave chips, sugar, and junk?? And that NOT eating that stuff makes you feel really energetic?


So there you go. Enjoy. What's on your mind these days??


Anonymous said...

I am so miserably bloat-y and puffy right now. I really need to try this (although, it's "cookie season". And GAWD I love cookies).

Shannon said...

@Rita, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. This is my dilemma as well. Plus, I swear that sugary carbs contribute to yucky mood. Boo. But...THE HOLIDAYS!

Maybe we could do it together for moral support. Misery loves company?

Mnmom said...

This friend as well has been off wheat, and pretty much all things grain-y, since May. I've lost 25lbs! I've also been watching my calories. But seriously I feel so much better without wheat.

The holiday season and it's inherent cookies may kill me though.

Shannon said...

@Mnmom, Silly girl, YOU'RE the friend I was talking about. :) I remembered what you told us this summer when we visited to meet your new kitten. I read the book right after that! So interesting. I forgot, I also avoided cereal & pasta during those few weeks (not hard for me since I rarely eat either anyway, but I know they are staples for lots of people!). And yes, how does one follow a plan like this during Xmas Cookie Season?!?