Thursday, November 07, 2013

Early-Morning Questions

Sorry for the bad photo. I just wanted you to see the cute curvy ponytail. And it's not even my best!

An eternal question: Why do I always achieve the best, swingiest, most perfect ponytails when I'm just going running (and what my hair looks like doesn't matter at all, plus it will get messed up soon anyway)? It seems like I can't ever get my ponytails to look that good otherwise.

Also: Why do I ever think that I'll get any sleep at all with two children in my bed with me? LOL. Deluded! (But still worth it.)

And: Have you read this new piece by Catherine Newman in the magazine "Brain, Child"? If not, go read it, post-haste. But be warned: It will either make you feel very happy and blessed with your current circumstances as an early-forty-something mom of school-age children, or it will make you teary with nostalgia for your former life as a stay-at-home-mom of wee littles and regret over not having that third baby a few years ago, now that you are beset with an early-fortysomething-mom-of-school-age-children-type identity crisis. Possibly both.

Relatedly: two of my recent favorite bloggers announced pregnancies within days of each other earlier this week. Congratulations, ladies! I look forward to many future posts about newborn hijinks.

Finally: Do you think I should take down my welcome-home banner, now that I've been back from Toronto for nearly three weeks? Probably.

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