Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Hustle and Bustle

It's finally a little warmer here, but I heard on the radio yesterday that the last time it was as cold for as long as it has been lately in Minnesota was during the Nixon administration. Minnesota winters FTW! (Ugh.)

Seriously, you know you live in a cold state when 26 degrees feels balmy and pleasant.

Despite the cold, we went ice skating on our corner pond on Saturday afternoon, and again on Monday after school, and then yesterday after school the girls went again on their own while I got dinner ready. I'm telling you: Minnesota kids are tough. Have I mentioned that they have outdoor recess at school if the windchill is higher than TEN BELOW ZERO? LOL.

So here we are in the middle of the last week of school before Christmas break. With such a late Thanksgiving, the season has been jarringly short. I can't believe we're already in the midst of the girls' Winter Sings at school, classroom holiday parties, teacher gifts, and treat deliveries. Yikes!

I had good intentions of writing more here, putting up a Gift Guide, etc. etc. etc., but between the cookie exchange, the girls' swimming lessons and tae kwon do classes, concerts at school, a caroling singalong, skating, fudge-making, gift-wrapping, running/walking/trying to get through this workout video without taking multiple breaks, and all the usual household shenanigans, just isn't getting done. So sorry, you all--and sorry for the boring posts, too. Life is busy. The holiday season is busy.

One week till Christmas! Are you ready???

(p.s. I wanted to post a photo from Genevieve's 2nd grade Winter Sing, but the shot is full of other children, so until and unless I upload it and edit it to blur the other faces, this post is photo-less. Sorry, grandmas!)

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