Friday, December 20, 2013

Little Girls: Cutest Things in the Entire World

My daughters' and I are currently obsessed with Lennon and Maisy Stella---the 13- and 9-year-old real-life sisters who play sisters on the ABC drama "Nashville."

Now, I've been watching "Nashville" since it premiered two falls ago, despite its prime-time-soap-ish tendencies that have only grown more pronounced in Season Two--because, hello, Connie Britton, and also, that sweet Avery Barkley, who reminds me of every pretty boy in every indie band I ever loved in college. I mean. Sigh.

But.....I digress.

My point is, the Stella sisters are not new to me; but for some reason it took awhile for me to stop and take real notice, as these sweet girls kept popping up all over the media, in magazine interviews and on talk shows and on famed country music stages. They are adorable, talented BEYOND BELIEF (if you haven't yet heard the little one do harmony, you will be stunned), and good role models too.

We love them, and we especially love their cover of the folk-rock band The Lumineers' "Ho Hey," which they performed on "Nashville" last spring (wonderful backing band, strings, and light effects) and which you can see here at the Grand Ole Opry:

That harmony! Perfection.

And then, in other cute-little-girls happenings, my best mom friend relayed a conversation between our collective four daughters during a recent dinner over at their house, during which Genevieve confessed that someone in her class has a crush on her, "but it's a girl." When my BFF replied that that's OK, girls can have crushes on other girls, her newly 9-year-old added, "Yeah! Like our moms, they have crushes on each other, you know." I believe at that point everyone nodded thoughtfully and continued eating their hot dogs, while my bestie chuckled inside and committed the convo to memory to tell me about later.

You all, little girls. So cute, it kills me. I wish they could stay this little forever. All of them. My girls, my best friend's girls, even the Stella sisters.

And on that note, I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas. My daughters and their friends come home from school this afternoon to begin a two-week holiday break, and following some after-school sledding, we plan to have popcorn and cocoa for dinner tonight to celebrate. I promised them. Joy to the world.

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